Ben, started the climb at the earliest sign of light, he was on a crazy thrill mission, one he didn't miss whenever he was on vacation in Brazil, with him was his buddy, Carlos, together they began their ascent to the top of 50ft high rock, the main goal being a dive and glide, aided with parachutes, right below the beastly rock is the amazingly gorgeous Patina Ocean. 

A thrill and rush of adrenaline was always a drive for Ben, as he loved the mountains, ocean, and the sky, an all round lover of life, with what it has to offer.

Right after about 2 hours, Ben was clutching to the rocks🧗‍♂️, hanging on the ropes , as his bicep and triceps all worked in rhythmic muscular cohesion, he grabbed on some stone above him and pulled up, his years of experience showed forth, as Carlos🧗🏾‍♂️, a climber from birth was a few distance ahead of Ben, looked down and shouted, if you don't hurry up, I'll shit on your head mate.🤣

After about 4 hours of climbing, the men got to the top, and as they dumped their gear, Ben immediately spotted the stunning black beauty, gorgeous from head to toe, shinning as bright as the sun, her smile made him stare even more.

He went over to Carlos, do you know her? Yes, she comes here every 3 years to get her fix. Fix right, we'll see about that. He was already plotting his advance on her. 

Hey beautiful, he sneaked up on her as she was inspecting her parachutes and other gears, Hello, she said looking confused as to why he was blushing without saying anything.

Regaining his composure he quickly introduced himself and activated his charm mode, it was clearly working, because in 10mins she was already laughing loud at something he was saying, and they seemed like old buddy's.

Jadesola was clearly attracted to Ben and requested they dive together, Yes!!! Ben said immediately, ditching his dive buddy of 5 years🤣.

As they stood ready to run, and jump from the rock, Ben looked into her eyes and said, see you in the sky.

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Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Nigeria.



Mr.Oxman Oxi
05 Jan

Wow, this is a very good story while he kept jumping for 4 hours and he came and saw that from there to the head she is doing a lot of shining and she is very beautiful and she is seen and his beauty is shining from the rays of the sun.  


Ishmael Kelechi
05 Jan

Been has the eyes of an eagle. Jadesola too wanted an nearly factor guy, in hope she finds one in Ben. 

Going to a particular place for fixed periods, holidays or vacations can either give you a leap or a mess. 


Merit Ahama
05 Jan

Wow I love this story specially, it has funny scenes and I like comedy😁

I wonder how Carlos would have felt when he left him for his beauty. She must be really beautiful for Ben to forget his friend of 5years 😂 so funny. 

Fix herself how? I still don't under3that part, hiw does she go there to fix herself because it seems she will be fixing Ben too😂

This love story episode is really lovely, can't wait for the next episode. 


preview not available Adelan o
05 Jan

The fix in particular is that adrenaline rush, some people get addicted to it. And for some, it helps with depression and the like. 

And yes, she definitely will fix Ben, he seems I love already. Hahahah. 

Your comment shows you read the post, keep it up.


Prince Shoaib
05 Jan

Thanks Dear for sharing this episode 💝...I m waiting for next Episode...Keep it Up And Keep Sharing ❤️💖


Top Np
05 Jan

I read all your love  stories. Love story is interesting and informative.l am waiting your love story. Good job sir.


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