Love can have a sweet savouring taste, and can also taste sour and bitter with an almost equal effect.

There are claims by some who say true love doesn't exists, while a good number actually believe it so, the rest are undecided. 

From the first day Akash set his eyes on Fatima, he knew she was the right one for him, this was in elementary school, his little mind already fondling with thoughts of affection and care.

Going to school was fun for Akash as he was always neatly dressed and a real gentleboy, all this to impress Fatima of course. Their friendship growing stronger by the day, as they became inseparable.

A few years later, they both gained admission to college and right away their love continued to wax stronger as their relationship was evolving.

One thing led to another and for some reason both families decided not support the relationship. 

This made Akash very sad and depressed, because all he wanted was Fatima😭, as he was thinking of the situation, he got an SMS from Fatima's father, "Meet me in my house by 2pm".

Immediately, Akash dialed Naveed and Suraj his close buddies for advise and moral support. They promised to follow him as back up.

As he got to Fatima's house, her father welcomed him, as he sat down, he asked, can you receive 200 lashes for my daughter's hand in marriage? 


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All of a sudden, Akash was dripped with sweat and began to stammer, but siiirr, 200 laashhhes? As tears began to drop from his eyes,  he imagined the wailings, screaming and pain he will have to endure for love.

With all the boldness in him, he stood on his feet and said, for the love of Fatima I will receive 1000 strokes, my love for her is beyond human comprehension.

Fatima's father just smiled, in his mind he knew Akash will regret the day he was born, only if Akash knew the professional flogger that will do the honours, his name(flog with no mercy). The End.

I really don't know if Akash survived the encounter,  the reason for this story is to shed light on barbaric and archaic requirements some cultures or tribes permit before giving their children for marriage, especially to foreigners.


Uptrennd to the Moon and back then straight to Nigeria.



Maham Javed
22 Dec

O My God fantastic love story 

Even he was ready to get 1000 strokes for Fatma's love .Really [email protected]  you made my day I am going to check it's remaining parts 


ifeoma enudu
22 Dec

Oh my guardian, 

Love is the most beauriful feelings ever and the one who is in love never minds when it comes to making  uncountable sacrifices for love.

But the one you just described, is no longer love to me. That will be foolishness on akash part, if he  should go on with the request. 

It is indeed an archaic and barbaric customs, practiced by mostly Fulani's in Nigeria,  which should have been abolished a long time ago.


Aqsa Ahmad
22 Dec

Opps its sad ...

But in actual its also fact that the parents follow old cultural ristrictions ...

But I think so there should be a little independence in case of being a life partner of someone for lifetime ❤


Williams Akpan
22 Dec

Lol 😂 1000 strokes?? .. this must be true love. Well I don't support such culture and I believe it is completely absurd to flog someone 200 strokes before giving out their daughter for marriage.


22 Dec

Akash didn't think of the flog and who will flog him, all he wanted was Fatima and he he's willing to do anything to make sure he get Fatima. they are places they do all sort of things to punish the guy or the lady all because of culture. i know a place where they naked a woman from hair to toe and they will tell the man that wiil marry the lady to flog her 30strokes of cane and after the flogging before the man will marry the woman. you can imagine the nonsense culture


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