No mother! Philip loves me so much. He was angry and lost control of himself, he has apologized and remember he has never done a thing like this, it was all my fault. I shouldn't have provoked him, she started sobbing.

My daughter you are so wrong, her mother replied in a convincing tune, she pat her back, cuddling her hair to make her feel relaxed, no responsible man hits a woman  not to talk of one he married. This may be his first time of hitting you but believe me he has started already and it will continue unless you put a stop to it, you love him yes I know but you deserve some respect too.

I still can't believe what happened, she stood up staring into thin air, Philip had suddenly became aggressive, picks offense at every word I utter, he keeps late night and when I complain he called that nagging. I can't even remember the last time he said Sweet words to me, mother do you know the worst part of it all, she stepped closer to her mother inlaw, my husband has not touched me in a while, I think, i must have hurt him so much because my husband never stays this long before making me go wild, she was looking down to avoid eye contact with her mother inlaw.

You mean all these had been happening and you never cared to tell me? Now trying to look into her daughter inlaws eyes. My dear you don't need to be shy, I am your mother inlaw, now tell me when all these started. I need every detail. 

            Two weeks earlier



Philip: A lot is going on in my life right now, my job is at stake because of that. How will I ever tell my wife that I can't father a child, I love her so much and I want her by my side always but she is not happy with her condition, she believes she is the cause of our childlessness not knowing I am. I need to set her free from this shackles.

Tom: what are you saying man, by setting her free you mean you want to divorce her? Make me understand because I am confused here. You and I know you love Nicole so much and she loves too, you just have to let her into the situation on ground both of you can find solutions to your predicament, she loves you.......

Philip: That is the problem she loves me so much that she can never leave me but she deserves to be happy, I need to bear my cross alone. She is too good to be tied up in this fruitless marriage, I see how she loves children, how she wishes to be a mother, I watch her pray and fast every day for a child that will never come. I know she will stick with me if I tell her my problem but I won't. I have decided to take the bull by the horn. I will make her fall out of love with me that way she can leave me.

Tom: What? Do you think that will ever happen? The Nicole I know will stick with you no matter how you treat her. Please Man, think about this your decision carefully, even if you succeed in making her leave, what about you. How will you survive without her? You love her so much, I have never seen love so strong like what you share please don't throw that away......... 



Chidiebere Christian
07 Nov

That's the condition most people face in Marriage. This childlessness of a thing is not easy to bear. It's a temptation we all pray never to face. However I love the man's love for his wife


07 Nov

Beautiful story, he truly loves her, that is why he wants to free her from the boundage that's not hers, really not thinking about himself, but then he should give it a second thought, let him explain to her, and leave her to decide leaving or staying. 


Chudi Otti
07 Nov

This situation is complex. The more he tries to make Nicole to fall out of love, the more Nicole falls in love and she even gives excuses on why she should hang on. She deserves to know the truth. There are still options such as adoption if she decides to stay after knowing the truth. Your child is not the child you have birth to but the child you trained and raised up.


LadyV Okafor
07 Nov

Maybe she really wants her biological children. Anyway let's see what happens next


MCcoy MCcoy64
07 Nov


This is deep and the guy should tell his wife about his problem and sort things out amicably..


Eric Mannie
07 Nov

Uhm phillips too hard and very wrong choice, they're many ways to get kids apart from sexual reproduction in marriages


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