Love is great beautifier

It's easy to love someone when they're at their best, when they're normal and stable. Coz you know they won't demand anything at that time not even your attention, they will compromise coz they're strong. But ​​it's hard to love someone at their lowest, when they are moody, needy, intolerant and impatient.  It's hard to love someone when they need it most. It's easy to label them as "unrealistic" "complicated" etc but if you do this, you're actually being rude to them. They don't need your "why" and "how" they just need an assurance that you're here. And guess what, that's the hardest thing for people to do. And that's where actual test of true love begins.



Believe you me, Words can do wonders if they're used rightly...

If you are sincere to someone just show it, put those little efforts. Atleast show your love when they need it most. At those vulnerable moments when even they don't know what's wrong with them... :)

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Lubna Rao
16 Mar

You are right... When we fall in love and don't know the background of her or his and after knowing background some of us feel sad and disappointed... 

But we can't do this.. I will call this fake love. 

But in this world true love is very precious and dificult to find... 

And we can't live without doing love. 


16 Mar

Lov is VerY BeauTiful FeeLinG In This World when It OccUrs Between Two RigHt persons.. True Lov Is The GOd Gifted...but now a days People are fake so be careFul BeFore Doing any relationship ..


Soni Rajput R
16 Mar

Love is blind because when we fall in love so we ignore the family background and all the ritual. But true love hard to fine. True love meets with good luck. That person is very licky who have true and sincere love. 


Gohar Ali
16 Mar

If we love some one because of its good habits then for me its not love. Its said that love is blind, love is to accept other with its goods and bad. 


Amjad Ali Waince
16 Mar

Love is a relationship of mutual respect , care and kindness. Love should stands on equality . One sided love never lasts or we can't force anyone to love. It is a natural feelings. 







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