Love drama

He came back home with a moody face. I knew that wasn't the face of my boy.

I went closer to the door collected his suitcase as usual and as well removed his upper suit and gave him a kiss on his nose.

He usually held me right from the back whenever he is back home but on that day he never did. I knew something has gone unfair with him.

He walked down to his room without saying a word to me unlike before he used to rush down to the bathroom with me once he is back home.

I watched him closely and gave him space for 15 minutes and waited for him to come out of the room.

My 15 minutes was over without seeing a trace of Neo.

I went into the room and saw him lay down on the sofa.

What is going on with you boy? I asked. For me trying to touch him as my little way of petting him, he pushed off my hand.

I was so surprised because such things never happened between us.

I left him and went down to the kitchen, get his food ready on the dining table.

I went back again and called him. This time I used his name. Neo the food is ready can we go and bath and have our dinner? I said.

Hey! I am not interested in your food. Can you give me space now? He said!!

His words were too harsh on me. I got upset and left his presence.

I went down to the room where both of us often use at night when we want to relax and play together. I sat on the floor thinking of what must have gone wrong with him.

After an hour l slept off right on the ground there.

The next l saw was me on the bed. He actually came right where l sat down and carried me knowing l slept off being worried about his action.

Early in the morning l woke up and refused not to talk to him.

I got his breakfast ready and l went back to the room.

I was supposed to go out in his car but his action last night pissed me off. I ignored asking him to give me the key to the car.

I went to the bathroom room brushed my teeth as l play with my phone.

Suddenly l saw him held me from the back and said good morning.

I ignored him at first. while l was trying to have my way back to the room he grabbed me and said sorry for last night. I never meant to get you upset.

I was trying to see how harsh you might react to me. He laughed out loud and said. You are such a sweet lily doll.

I smiled with my hands on his hand and said you really need to stop this your untimely joke. You got me, worried last night boy!!!

Meanwhile, l got a surprise for you he said. Close your eyes and let me take you down to the room. I smiled while l let him take me down to the room.

He said. "Don't open those eyes until l let out what l have for you. I responded with a smile on my face.

Open your eyes he said. He brought out a ticket for two which was a first-class flight to the Bahamas beach.

I shouted and jumped on him.

Get ready we are living first thing tomorrow morning.

I feel so popping l said.

He said. "The world is enough with you by my side. Let's go and relax. A second spent with you is enough then an hour with anyone else."

The storyline to this write up is: "Don't be too quick to react and don't be too hard on yourself and the one you love, cherish and adore."

You might miss out the virtual blessings attached to a moment you take for granted.

Don't lose you were you supposed to hold your emotion and feelings







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