Hello, Trenndinans!

Trust you are enjoying using Uptrennd in your various homes. I Do.

Assalam O.Alaikum all.

The feast of St Valentine's Day falls on the day of our God (Sunday 14) this year. 

To make the commemoration a fun-filled event, Hafsa M organized a contest for us to express our love. 

She asked all Trenndians including you to design love cards for our family, loved ones, wife, or whenever that you are pleased to exchange a gift with.

As you know, when it comes to Valentine's Day, there are a handful of romantic gifts and gestures that can be addressed as classic.

Giving is the principal thing in the act of showing love. It's indeed, of great importance for us to exchange gifts with our significant other.

Based on this justification decided to surprise/wow my girlfriend with a lot of stunning designs and they are based on the memories we maintain.

Permit me to unveil those designs to you.

preview not available

Reminding her of how we begin the journey of love.

<O.P speaks >You are my world and I promise you, my love. You're the only hand that's laced to mine. 

You're the smile on my face. You are the 1up that I desired to have Hehehe. Smiles.

preview not available

As there is nothing in the world that was made single by our Creator. I made a  design on how we freestyle on the arena last year, to make her feel more loved by me. Hope you like our dance.

After all the above exercises I designed the best one to be presented to her on Sunday eve. 

 Here you go!!

preview not available

 I desire you above all things, my Valentine, my pride.

You are the only person that has made a positive impact on my life.

You are the Queen of my heart and in return, I promise to be the warrior for our love.

My territory will be governed by you. 

Only then you will understand my feelings about you. Hope your mini gown in red color is ready for the vibe hmmmmm I see 🥰

​light fades

Happy Valentine's Day in advance, friends.

Thank you

All thanks to our able guardian @Hafsa M,

 for taking the time to organize this awesome contest. 

To participate click on Hafsa M.​​​

(Unsplash) preview image and the 3 bodily embedded images were designed on canva (by me)




Uwem Ekanem
12 Feb

Wow. Beautiful and lovely card you design. And I love those beautiful words on the card. Nice entry dear and I wish you best of luck in your entry


O.P iykman
12 Feb


I am glad that you like my choice of words and design.

Thanks for your compliments, you are appreciated.


Joe Yenum
12 Feb

The designs are wonderful. Showing scenes of your life together would wow her.

But then you go and say you're a student and a single one at that. Now I'm confused.


O.P iykman
12 Feb

Hahaha, Did I even said that Hehehe maybe it was a mistake then.

Thanks for your gracious words, I really, appreciate you.


Muhammad Iqbal
12 Feb

You have created beautiful cards..

May your love live long and you may find valentine .


O.P iykman
12 Feb


Amen to your wonderful prayers, I appreciate you.

Hope you will participate in the contest to make yourself known to other trenndians?


rabail fatima
12 Feb

Wao this is really amazing that you show love and care for you partner too. So best of luck for your contest too stay happy 


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