Love and affection πŸ’•

Hello, πŸ‘‹ uptrenndians...

How is your life going???

Let today talk about the main things in life...

Love ❀️ and affection πŸ’

Most of the people fall in love with someone they love to spend time with them...mostly what happens when we are at the start of a relationship we show so much affection 😍 for each other...mostly we show that we can't live without them...

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But as time passes our affection for them starts getting low and a time became we can't even want to talk to them...

Guys love and affection is two different things..affection for someone is timely but love ❀️ with time increases...

In love for that person never go down for an example is mother love.

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In love, you respect each other feelings but in affection, you just show off that you are with each other, whatever are you doing your priority is your loved one but in affection you have time but you have many things to do.

When a person doesn't have a single topic to discuss with each other than how you both will spend life with each other...

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So guys don't play with each other if you are not loyal you can't give respect to each other so stop playing love games with each other...

Best regards

Stay blessed πŸ˜‡ stay happyπŸ™‚ stay home 🏠 stay safe😷...


Remember, to wear mask when going out



Jalal Hussain
27 Dec

it is very important to be honest in all aspect of life either it is love , or dealing any situation. you are right we shouldn't play each other if you don't love.


Abdul Raouf
27 Dec

Got it...

THat's why she left meπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

She has only affection

But I have a question

How to recognize that other has affection or love


Dr.Jenny .
27 Dec

Love and affection have a high difference with time love increases but affection decreases...


Abdul Raouf
27 Dec

Yes of course I read that in your post but how to recognize it in 1st go...Or I have to wait a lot till it exposeπŸ™‚


Abid Ali
27 Dec

I have concluded one thing from my life always love yourself and behave good with othera.Never ever beg for are precious to yourself.Love them double who love you.


Ashfaq Muhammad Khan
27 Dec

That's true..a right person can give you more attentions, lots of love without any demand, forbade you from lots bad people...

But when you fall with some one who have bad intention for you, they destroy your life.


Saima Yaqoob
28 Dec

Yes, true love develop when you are fully attach with some one mentally, phisycally, and hurtlly ,,and this is when happen when you both have a strong relationship ..



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