Long live love

Yesterday I participated in the joy of a couple celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, that is, a conjugal union that has lasted no less than 50 years. This is not something that is lived every day, so today I share it with you.

In fact, it is not something that is lived every day because, paradoxically, as the years have passed, the level of commitment of people, in terms of maintaining a relationship, has dropped. 

For this reason, celebrations of this type help us to become aware that love is still alive and that, even today, we can see the miracles it performs in people who are persevering in it.

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I speak of miracles because, returning to the case I mentioned at the beginning, 50 years of living together as a couple are said quickly but behind it, there are many adventures lived, several untold stories, that if we knew them, we would discover that only love can make a relationship last so long.

Of course, it is not a reason for anguish if, in spite of one of the couples having put all their efforts to love, the union does not last, since in the case of marriage or any type of couple's relationship, the commitment must be mutual.

On the other hand, we must never forget that love is very wide, there are several expressions, the important thing is that we learn to live loving because only in this way we can experience that it is still alive between us, because, loving is a verb, therefore, an invitation to action.

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Abdullah Riyan khan
27 Nov

Love is infinity but only truthful and no time limit for this and when it starts no can stop you taking care of your love ones and you ignores all the irrelevant thinks who stop you from love because truthful love is the name of sincerity, kindness and care


Benazir Ibrahim
27 Nov

The ship can only be maintained as long as both parties keep it that way. Love isn't even enough. It takes commitment. Like a promise to be real and keep those vows.

No one said it was going to be easy but it isn't impossible after all.


Raja 79
27 Nov

Love is not even the name of breaking the moon and stars, easy loading, expressing on social media and going on dates. Rather, love is the effort to stand together, to understand each other, or to turn each other's pains into comforts. Going on a long drive with a loved one, eating or drinking coffee in a big hotel, talking on the phone every night are not the conditions of love. Love can be fulfilled even by walking, it can also be fulfilled by eating home cooked food. Love is what introduces you to this special spirit of intimacy, which is the name of moving towards the best and reaching the destination you have reached by living for each other's will in addition to each other's will. May the Beloved and the Beloved be satisfied and may they feel the joy that they have not only loved but have nurtured and truly found.


Ifeanyi Obasi
27 Nov

This is true, anniversaries help us see, the beauty of a successful marriage, it reminds us that, we all have a role to play to keep our relationships at par with successful ones.

And like you said, it's a verb and not a noun👌


Coinoclast II
27 Nov

Perhaps we can learn our way back to such long-lasting relationships, away from the consumer-style serial short term relationships







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