"Guys.. guys!!! Listen... Has anyone found any dates yet??? I am struggling here... Who is willing to go on a double date??? I can tag along guys... Show me some love..." I pleadingly asked

"Haven't you heard??? Three is a crowd Mr young beardlock...." Tori replied

"Exactly... How can a beardlock go to a ball without a date??? A BEARDLOCKKKKKKK," I emphasized...

"Ladies man... Hehehehehehe... But you were the first to hurry... all piped and excited... I honestly felt like you could snap up any girl with those glowing beards... Or can't you remember???" Pirate Q Jested...

12 hours earlier

Feeling a little heavy after being treated to a delicious sumptuous breakfast by Jane... Was basking in the satisfaction of the blessing of such a meal and planning ahead for work at the studio when the message came in on the group chat... Eekay Gee was undoubtedly shocked and the chat below ensued

"Honey!!!! I'm all packed and ready and my UUBER is here..." Jane called out to me!!

"I stocked the refrigerator with some of your favourite meals, you could just heat them up in the microwave whenever you're hungry..." Jane Continued!!

"Babe can you be back in time for the Ball party??? Pretty please???" I pleaded with Jane...

"Oh no, you know I can't love... I have to do a thorough shopping of all that we'll need for the studios and the cuisine and besides my return flight is booked for Saturday... I am sorry baby..." She responded with a quick hug and a kiss...

"My UUBER guy is right outside, by the way, have you found a date yet???"

"Well, my date is leaving me for shopping and now I am left stranded and alone..."

"You cute thing... How about we go on a proper date when I return eh??? And I'd be sure to get one of those sexy dresses you love me wearing for you..." Jane enthused!!

"Sounds fair..." I said with a slight smile... "I LOVE YOU"

"I LOVE YOU MORE beardy sugar!!!!"

Two Minutes Later and I ran to the group chat for help!!!

So there you have it guys... Imma be attending the Ball all Beardy and single... Lonely AIN'T Loser!!!!! 😋😋😋😋

And to the others... Imma be casting some BEARDICAL SPELLS on y'all!!!!! 

Yours truly,


[email protected]_Jay~

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Tiger Lily
24 Feb

I laughed so hard! LOLOLOLOL

is there really a fake whatsapp generator?!?!?! this is awesome hahahahahahaha

oh my gosh - you don't have to cast any beardical spells on me - i'm already under your spell! LOLOLOL


Fola_Jay Ayo-Folorunso
24 Feb

Hahahahahaha! Woooooooots!!

I am dancing right over here.... Hehehehehehehehe! 

My GLOWING BEARDS all for youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!! LOLOLOLOL


preview not available Osato Jegede
25 Feb

It's a scam, nevertheless enjoy the ride, as a Batchelor you're. 







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