Loneliness piercing the flesh and goring the spirit, is torrid and parching. It kills and swelters a person. Solitude is dark and ingests away blood leaving behind lifelessness. Only surrounded by thoughts consuming life and light and spitting out gloom.

 Drawing isolation towards self, remoteness of colours and lifelike circumstances. The growing shadows of despondency and separation engulfing hope and light. Rejection triggers abadonment of self and running away far from life.

 Loneliness is an acute and severe, its a parasite that infects soul and mind. Nothing can cure this ailment until the right time appears. It stays in soul until the a sun lights up the soul, a meaningful reason appears to rescue.



preview not available Saqib Ajmal
17 Oct

Yea right Loneliness is very dangerous, sometimes it can lead to depression and Sometimes it makes a person mentally ill, as a result of which he is always separated from the colors of the world.


George Dee
17 Oct

In some situation, it ends up resulting into suicide for the victim. Tge thought comes in when hope of getting out of loneliness is dead


Sharif Khan
17 Oct

You are right that loneliness is much more dangerous for human beings.  Loneliness drives a person crazy.

Most people suffer from depression due to loneliness


Kenechukwu Ezeme
17 Oct

Loneliness is something that can even happen when we are in the midst of people. it no longer has to do with being locked up in a particular room but in most cases, it can be a psychological factor of feeling incomplete and isolated despite being in the midst of people.

I would advise anyone having this challenge to work on it immediately because it can lead to depression and suicidal thought.


Sharif Khan
17 Oct

Your advice is very strong. We should keep ourselves busy when we feel lonely so that we do not feel lonely.

Loneliness can be avoided only by keeping oneself busy۔


Jerry Otebele
17 Oct

Hmmmm! Indeed, your WORDINGS cut DEEP into the real meaning and what it FEELS to be LONELY.

Loneliness isn't a good thing and that's why God even gave the first MAN Adam a companion WOMAN. ☀👑🙌🚀


Adeiyi Iyiola
17 Oct

Loneliness and boredom is a destruction we must all afford,in Loneliness there’s evil and temptation 


17 Oct

Yes dear loneliness is a silent killer diseases that only the right time and person could cure.. isolation has an adverse effects of the mind anf psychology of the lonely.  It's best to try be more open to socialize abit to help overcome this loneliness


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