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18 Jun
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Live Streaming On Blockchain Platforms

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Akinade Oluwatimilehin Amos 2 weeks ago

I must commend the great work you've done... Earning platform rewards that are decentralized and reliable are rare, but you've done a great research before arriving at this post. Thanks 

Lucas S 2 weeks ago

Wow, you finished the video in record time! It's almost 15 minutes what 4 minutes did you watch? =) And what was the most interesting part?

Akinade Oluwatimilehin Amos 2 weeks ago

The truth is that I made a quick scamming of what he posted before giving the comment. Hence, I commented because of my strong interest in getting the video downloaded.. In his expression, he made the reasons why people aren't encouraged to doing live streaming. Most especially the time that would be used and the result that might come from it: that he said using 80hrs analogy. He thus made more of his talks on streaming, which I'm yet to understand probably because I'm just learning the basis of crypto currency. But trust me, I did watch the video.. 

Issna Fatima 2 weeks ago

Great work you are doing.

M- AhmAd 2 weeks ago

i am using only uptrennd.. but i want to learn about others too. i am just looking for a guide who will teach me how to make an account and how to use...?

Lucas S 2 weeks ago

Make sure to watch the video to hear about the  platforms and the pros and cons he sees!

Lucas S 2 weeks ago

Yeah, that's a serious downside to usefulness, having to stream 80 hours worth to reach the requirement if you have money invested. The DLive numbers would look inflated as there would probably be a ton of dead air cameras where you could watch the dust float or the cat sleep...

And the thing I can say, Scott, is you are just stating the facts as you come across them! And hopefully the platforms take the advice and review to heart and make changes. =)


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