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β–Ί 0:00 - Introduction/Moar Hang Drum Playing

β–Ί 2:29 - Market Overview

β–Ί 8:41 - IRS Updates Cryptocurrency FAQ Question 5

β–Ί 11:59 - Heath Tarbert Announces Resignation As CFTC Chairman

β–Ί 13:07 - SEC Nominee 'Gary Gensler': Crypto Friend Or Foe?

β–Ί 17:04 - Marc Cuban Slams Back At Peter Schiff

β–Ί 20:04 - Amazon (AWS) AnnouncES General Availability of Ethereum on Amazon Managed Blockchain

β–Ί 24:37 - Peter Brandt Warns Of Goldman Sachs Entrance Into Crypto, And Clarifies Misconceptions

β–Ί 26:10 - Dan Larimer Announces New Social Network: Introducing Clarion

β–Ί 30:23 - Rollups & Optimism: These Coming Benefits, To Ethereum, Are Highly Anticipated

β–Ί 37:40 - TPS (Transactions Per Second) Explained

β–Ί 39:57 - Are The Crypto Markets In A Bubble?

β–Ί 46:21 - M1 Signals Rising Inflation, As We Await A Possible Increase In Money Velocity

β–Ί 48:55 - Cryptocurrencies Are Not Extremely Overvalued, Relative To Coinbase's Stock Valuation

β–Ί 50:35 - Quote of the Day! / Outro

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preview not available Dotun Awosika
04 Mar

Thrilled by the UFO drum instrument and you must understand that your unique strides will play greatly for you in ways you can not imagine.

Awesome analysis buddy, the crypto market continues to baffle me and bit my imaginations based on the fact that the anticipated bear market did not pull through rather the prices seems to have consolidated, though I am quite very speculative in all ways.


preview not available Busola Monsucre
04 Mar

Ethereum better redeem itself, I am optimistic about what is to come with ethereum


Ifeanyi Iheji
05 Mar

Wow this is a better good information I ehteram have increased


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