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Little by little one walk far

Hello aoa i hope your doing well and great so today is my topic is

"Little by little one walk far"so today is my topic so lets started you seen the people in the world in the city some people are successfull and another people are unsuccessfull why because in our first attempt are disapointed  losses heart and do not move on that is why are the un successfull people  work do again and again one day are success but most people do try is my topic is related that people are losses heart and do  not  move and is the result is the unsuccess  full people 

You must keep watching and follow success people why because this man are totally enternally and externally are perfect and successfull people

"Man should play a heed to his health"

Slow move is better then no move

Slow study slow work is better then no study no work

So you. Must keep in his mind never be disapointed not lossses  heart and try to try and till you success  so that is why i am wrtting because i am  write my life relate story one day i am attempt wrong test so my self is very ugly or disapointed so that day i am decided i am not losses heart and start the next priparation  ine day i am very happy because i am success the mission about my lifeso

"Little byLittle one walks far"

    "      So that is why i am wrtting and all people keep in his mind not a disapointed never loss heart and all charms of life work and work and till you success"







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