Life skills

Life skills


 During a bank robbery, the robber shouted and told everyone

 "Don't move anyone. Lie down quietly on the ground. The money belongs to the people and the life belongs to you."

 Everyone lay down quietly on the ground ... no one moved

 It's called the Mind Change Concept.

 A woman was lying on the ground in a vain way. A robber spoke to her

 "Let's face it, robbery is happening here, not rape ..."

 It's called "focus". Just do what you're trained to do.

 When he returned home after the robbery, the young robber (who had an MBA) said to the old robber (who had only a primary pass), "Let's count the money."

 "You've gone crazy. Who counts so many notes ... to hear in the news at night how much money we've looted ..."

 It's called experience, which is more important today than degrees.

 When the robbers left the bank, the manager told the supervisor to call the police.

 The supervisor replied, "Stop, sir! We both withdraw 10 million from the bank first, and yes, the 4 million scam that we've done in recent days is also being robbed by robbers."  gone.."  It's called adjusting over time ... using difficult situations to your advantage.

 The manager laughed and said, "There should be a robbery every month."  It's called getting rid of boredom. Personal interest and happiness are more important than job.

 The next day there were reports in the newspapers and on TV that the robber had robbed the bank of hundreds of millions of dollars and fled.

 "We took up arms. We risked our lives to steal fifty million dollars and the bank manager stole fifty million dollars by shaking a few fingers while sitting down. It shows how important education is. We are not thieves."  Should have been educated ... "

 It is said that the price of knowledge is equal to gold.

 The bank manager was happy that the losses he was incurring in the stock market would now be met with this money. This is called opportunism.

 Finally, just a question.

 Who is the real robber?


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