Life itself is a big lesson to those who really wants to understand but sadly we never pay heed to it before we go through a lot. I think I'm not too late for this contest as I was thinking to participate in this contest because I found it according to my taste. Life is weird sometimes and at the same time it's a blessing for all of us. 

This is my entry for Navi's contest "Life lessons".

Before my age I become so mature and strong while these must be the days we all have to enjoy but the hard thing is we all are suffering from different hardships and issues. So let's start

No One is Yours

As you all heard about this but we never believe it. Is there anyone who believe it by heart??

You can't believe untill you experienced this. But why I am saying this? I truly believe that no one is mine except my mom. Even my siblings, relatives, friends, mates, boyfriend, best friend no one is mine. Believe me or not they'll always be with you only in your happiness not in your worst days. 

I've a big circle of friends (fake) and they contact me while they need something from me or need any type of help from me. I know everyone is going through a lot but everyone is selfish for their own happiness even your siblings and relatives too.

Don't Trust Anyone

The big question now a days is to whom should we trust? Why are you in of need of finding the one who trusts you?? 

As for me I trusted a lot of people then what happened? They all broke my trust even not a single person is here in my life about whom I proudly say yes this is the one I trust the most.

The traumas that happened in my early age I can't forget all these and that's why I've trust issues and from that to this day I trusted 2 people and hoped that they'll never break my trust..even they broke my trust into pieces. So never trust  anyone they'll just try to find out your weak point and  torture you.

No one deserve to be loved

You know what why our generation is sad now a days and why is it hard to find happiness all around because of these non existence relationships. This is attraction not love..You can't claim that it's love if you never be with your partner even in good or bad situation. 

Only your parents are the ones whom should be loved.. Otherwise don't waste your feelings and emotions to useless person or the person who is in search of lust.

Never share your personal life with anyone

I never shared my personal life or info to anyone especially on online forum. Because once I shared my life issues with someone after some days he started torturing me mentally because he knew that I'm afraid of that thing and that experience was the worst experience of my life. And now everybody insisted me to open up my all issues and sadness but I can't and how can I trust the stranger whom I don't know when they show their real faces.

Never be a friend of Hypocrite

As for me I've no friends whom I trust the most and everyone know about this although my friends circle is big enough. 

I posted earlier on uptrennd "Once my bestie was my biggest enemy" after this experience what you're expecting from me? They will destroy you in any case. They'll give you happy smile every time but be careful because now a days Hypocrisy is at it's peak. So try not to be a friend of Hypocrite.

Love yourself

At the end, I would say no body will ever be there to love you. They'll surely leave you alone around the wolves. 

The only way to survive in this world is just be yourself, trust yourself and love yourself ❤️ otherwise survival in this world would be difficult.


Let's share your life lessons guys and I missed so many entries so sorry for this.


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Gohar Ali
20 Apr

Life is full of lessons.its upto you if you take positive lesson or negative lesson.

Loving yourself is good,if you love yourself then other will also love you.


Maryam khan
21 Apr

Sure....You'll never find a friend like you yourself so never depends on other whether they love you or not doesn't matter... it's enough if you love yourself


Chidiebere Christian
20 Apr

Indeed no one is yours except you and your family. There are a lot of fake friends out there. We should be careful and know how we go along with them.

I wish you good luck in the competition


Maryam khan
21 Apr

I really don't have ability to judge whether they are real or fake but I learned that if they real or fake no one will be around you at need..


Huda Mehru
20 Apr

You have learned bitter and real or genuine life lessons your entry to the contest is very unique best of luck dear


Maryam khan
21 Apr

I think the one who is going through these circumstances always learn these painful lessons...btw thanks for liking my content and wishing me


Suny Ag
20 Apr

Life has a different lesson at every single point. I trust everyone unless they prove me wrong. I have a very positive view of life so I have mixed experiences in my life, sour and sweet.  


Maryam khan
21 Apr

I would say so lucky you're because I don't have this ability to judge people and that's why everyone around me hurt me because I get emotionally attached with them and in return get hurt


Suny Ag
21 Apr

I agree, as I said, I believe everyone unless they prove me wrong so many of them proved me wrong in the process but I never stopped trusting people. I trust them at the risk of getting hurt but I simply ignore people that hurt me and move on. That's so foolish of me but I am like that :)


Maryam khan
21 Apr

It's better to ignore them despite of hurting yourself for those people who don't deserve this...


Saima Idrees
20 Apr

Life is full of fake people, no one to whom you can trust.. all contact you only when they have their own means.... 

People are going to be materialistic as no one is in search of moralities... so be careful while dealing with the people.... 


Suny Ag
20 Apr

I am so sorry to hear that but maybe you're right to some extent. However, I trust everyone 'cause I have the ability to know fake from real. I know whether I am interacting with a real or a fake at the first meeting itself. 


Maryam khan
21 Apr

Yup everyone is hiding their real faces behind masks but Allah knows better and I just Pray May Allah show them the right path ameeen







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