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Life Lessons

Everyone's life is filled with good or bad events or we can say that life is a combination of both good or bad happenings.But important thing is the lessons we learnd with each passing day as certain happenings in our life has changed our whole way of thinking.

In childhood everything seems to be surrounded by purity and innocence,the purpose of life was eating, sleeping and playing.But over the time the reality of this world revealed and then everything was seemed to taught something.

The lessons I learned.

Believe in yourself

The first lesson I learnd was to believe on myself which is most important thing to realize our hidden powers.This thing give me the courage and power that nothing is impossible in this world and there is nothing which I can't do,all I need is to be confident.

Keep praying

To pray from your creator is the thing which can make you to stand even in the darkest moments of your life and it can make your bond strong with Allah Almighty. I realized this thing and in every difficult situation I learned to pray from my maker who is holder of all my affairs.

Never expect

This is the thing which saved me from so many disappointments,specially in Covid_19.This pandemic make us realize the reality of this fake world,where no one is our true well wisher so we should stop expecting from others.Its only you who is going to fight with every difficulty,no one will come to do it for you.

Life is short

Seeing your loved losing their lives and when everyone was frightened with this pandemic I learnd the reality of this mortal world where everything is going to end one day.Our pride,our wealth,our beauty,our ego and our relations are temporary.So being proud for what?We should be prepare to meet our maker at anytime.

Be consistent

If we wants to achieve something,we should stay consistent and keep trying.Because failure doesn't meant that we can't achieve instead hurdles come to make us even more strong and we can gain strength.

So these are the life lessons I learnd from all the events which happened in my life and now I feel myself more strong and mature than I was before.

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Thank you!


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Maria Amjad Ali
15 Apr

Well said... Life is combination of good and bad...anything can be happened, many bad incidents give us a good lesson. And if we learnt from life...it proves good for us


Tayyab Ali
15 Apr

Your mistakes may prove you.

Your mistakes may take you to the better path

Your mistakes makes you better person 


Khizar Baloch
15 Apr

yeah, always believe on yourself because when we expect some special from others and they don't do that, it's very hurting moment. life is so short as you said, so we don't waste our time in useless things and consist upon our goals. be confident and always strong what you can do for yourself, no one can do the same for yours. 


Tayyab Ali
15 Apr

Never expect from someone else.. you just need to have faith on Allah Almighty and in yourself... 

Try to be better person, you have only one responsibility that is you have to try...just 


rabail fatima
16 Apr

Your account will be muted don't do coments 4,5 times at one post stay sincere 


Jay Bee
15 Apr

Life has both sides of the coin but staying positive is essential doesn't mean the raining days won't come but the mindset will put you through


Tayyab Ali
15 Apr

We just move on in this search where we can do good deed to get peace of mind...


Magdalene Dan
15 Apr

Indeed life is full of many challenges, advantage and disadvantage of which we learn from them.

Life is a cruel teacher which gives us test before the lessons.


Sana ullah khan
15 Apr

Yes, that's right, there are ups and downs in life, but we should not give up. Life is short and we should enjoy it. Life teaches people good lessons


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