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"Life Lessons" Contest ~ 500 1UP's for Grabs

This is my entry for the contest"life lessons"arranging by Mr. @Navi

Life is a set of happy or sad lessons and situations, because life every day gives us a new lesson that we learn with and is added to our experiences in life, and everything that a person does in life returns to him, so always do what is beautiful.i have learnt some lessons in my life so far mentioned below.

Lesson 1: Few are zero-life battles

The teenager always deals with matters with the logic of whether or not to be, in my view, violent in adopting opinions, and life has been very hard on adolescents, do not hesitate to teach them lesson after lesson with severity and violence.

I have now learned that life is more comfortable than my thoughts and beliefs and what I believe in, no matter how correct it seems to me, and its battles need flexibility and negotiation more than they need a constant clash, and whoever enters their battles with the principle of "to be or not to be" most likely will not be!

Here I am not talking about the battles of self-affirmation and ambition, as much as I am talking about the entirety of its collisions. Life needs to learn the jurisprudence of flexibility, the virtue of silence, the skill of contemplation, and a little literature of apology, tolerance, and a step or more retreat from an advance that you thought was correct, and the days have proven otherwise.

Lesson two: Confusion is your way to reassurance

Do not rely on the legacy, no matter how safe it seems to you, master the art of asking, be as provocative as you can!

I learned that life does not reveal its secrets to the one who closed the door of his mind from the duty of contemplation, and took shelter in the land of the familiar and did not migrate to the wide paths of the world to understand, contemplate and contemplate. It will be shocking shocks to your thoughts that you thought were the essence of wisdom, and your fall would be horrific.

Do not seek refuge with the advice of a sheikh, do not be assured of a thinker's experience, do not accept ready meals, make your own meal, and do not fear error and slippage. His verses, believe me, disrupting him to the account of others is a disbelief that God has blessed you, and it will never lead you to your desired peace of mind.

All the creative ideas, creative challenges, and development in this life came from the perplexed, who respected their minds and decided to vacate a land that had fallen into the abyss of laziness and imitation, and breathed in it from their glowing souls.

Lesson three: Do not be disheartened by the prevalence of evil

Look in the history books, and you will see the truth clearly. Evil over time is the owner of the supreme word, and injustice has haunted our world since the first dawn. Cain, even though he was the first to line a line in the Book of Subjugation, was not the last, Hazrat Abrahim, the father of the prophets, was thrown into the fire. Noah(AS) took shelter in the ship, and Hazrat Moses went out with his family afraid in the darkness of the night, and Lot did not find a safe corner for him to protect him, and Hazrat Yahya's head tampered with it with a malefactor, for a wisdom that God wanted and we do not know the sons of Cain rule the earth, and justice did not control our world except for moments of indulgence Lightning, certainly there is wisdom, perhaps it is a confirmation of the concept of testing in this world, perhaps it is scrutiny, there is nothing wrong, what I see and believe in now is that my role in the equation is what I should occupy my mind with, what is the position in which I should find myself, any army I will join him, life is short, no matter how otherwise it seems to us, and resisting evil in all its forms must be the religion of the people of truth, each according to his power and ability, I divorced utopia long ago, I no longer dream about the promised land, it will fall The curtain while I am on the battlefield, all that occupies my mind now is to be in the right place on the day the story ends.

Lesson four: Seize the serenity of the nights

Enjoy life as much as you can. Your war will put its loins on for hours, so take advantage of its goodness. If you are a believer in the Prophet Muhammad, I will be pleased to tell you that his life - despite its hardship - was not without a sincere pleasure in life, and everything that was proven about him in the world was according to a conditional equation, which is not to indulge in it. You become overwhelmed, and forget about your highest goal and your most important goal.

Leave those who try to tell you that winning the Hereafter necessitates losing this world. 

Wear your most beautiful clothes, put on your most beautiful perfumes, let your gaze and inhale the scents of the world and fill your lungs well, so that God may see the effect of His grace on you, not only in your clothing and your adornment, but in your acceptance of the world and your love for it, which will be reflected in His creation, spread happiness among people, they Much weaker than they appear, do not postpone the pleasure you are capable of, for the minutes that go will not come back.

Lesson five: Family comes first

This was the advice of Don in the movie "The Godfather", and it can happen to gangsters sometimes!

Nothing in this world equals the comfort of belonging, and no affiliation never precedes your belonging to your family, and their placing before anything.

To admit, I did not know this early, my personal ambitions reduced my affiliation, and my search for myself took me away from them, but it is okay to come late and try to correct what I have been stunned for a while.

 I am certain that not a little of our confusion comes from the absence of belonging, the family alone is able to gather the dispersion of your soul, your children are the ones who collect what you break from you in the battle of life.

Today, the family institution is in grave danger, and perhaps this explains for us the state of turmoil that hangs over the world. They do not find a place to rest in, so they go out to us every day with souls exhausted by whining and pain for which they do not know a reason.

The hours you spend in your home are not wasted time, every word, smile, direction and quarrelsome are able to fill your life with delightful details, spread warmth and affection, and then feel your true worth, just try to look at things from this angle.


These are five lessons that meditation taught me that provided me with a fair amount of real comfort. I hope you will find something in it that can benefit you in your life's journey.


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Lummy Ayeni
14 Apr

This super epistle for the contest wishing u the very best thanks for sharing buddy .


Khadija Sheikh
14 Apr

You have learned a great lesson in your life.
We must consult our elders about everything.
Because when our elders give us any advice, it is very good for us .......
Good luck to the rest of you to win the competition..


Asher Rasheed
14 Apr

You have written a wonderful post for the contest.I wish u win.Best of luck.


Amjad Ali Waince
14 Apr

All five lesson are most valuable and prestigious. We have to learn from our experience and same time from others too. A great entry for the contest.

Best wishes!


Elisha Beauty
14 Apr

I prefer lesson five, your family first and any other thing can fall to place, I wish you all d best and I hope u win.


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