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"Life Lessons" Contest ~ 500 1UP's for Grabs

Greetings everyone, I hope you all are doing well. I'm here with a contest titled "Life lessons" in this era of pandemics & Life-changing events I'll love to hear what life events change your life, way of thinking and how life events affected your day to day life. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Create a post regarding "Life Lessons" with hashtags #life

  • Create a tweet Including that post link along with hashtags #life #Uptrennd #1UP @N4V1111

  • Comment down your Uptrennd & Twitter post link

Reward ~ 500 1UP's

We will split 500 1UPs among 5 lucky & quality entries. This isn't about rewards only it's about your activity and engagement in the platform.

Deadline: 20th April 6PM UTC

^ N A V I ~

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Bad Shah
14 Apr

Great Navi it's good step tomore engaging here 

" Life lessons" is a Good topic every one learns every day with his life experiences

we also learn with other life experience, soon I will submit my entry! 


M.A Khan
14 Apr

Wow once again a great event by you dear. Thanks @Navi . for creating this great opportunity for all of us. Yes we must have to focus on quality instead of thinking about reward. Quality wins rewards. Best wishes to all for this contest.  


Zainab Zaini
14 Apr

Wow you have chosen a very different contest. Of course, it will be a lot of fun, everyone will tell the lessons of their own life that they learned from life. You're really great, so good thinking is such a creative idea. Thank you very much navi. 

I'm a big fan of your same creative thought.😍😍😍


Noor Fatima
14 Apr

Wow after a long time finally you have organised  contest.... I will try to take part in it inshallah ❤️❤️.. And ramadan mubarak.. May Allah bless you and your family..


Adams Toskid
14 Apr

Wow! This a great contest sir @Navi.

Lesson life  is a good topic to say something about with the experience we have in life.

Thank you sir for the great opportunity you have given to us.


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