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A life lesson is an experiment you passed through in life or what life has shown you. Life is full of lessons that can be ups and down or can be from grass to grace. Many people have countless experiences based on one problem or the other. 

This is a contest organised by @Navi. You can participate ​HERE​​​

To me, I have passed through a lot of most especially during this COVID-19 period and on the verge of schooling. 

The lessons' life has taught me are in folds which I will speak on one after the other.


This one is in two folds. The first one is based on engaging yourself in different work or business instead of having just one source of income. I got to know that working alone cannot help but engaging yourself with other businesses can truly help you grow wide. 

During this COVID-19 period, I saw hell but God so kind I just had to manage it but as a result of the kind-hearted and understanding wife I have. During this period, the school I worked with refused to pay us which we kept on hoping for salary to come, but all hope were proved to be abortive.

 My wife on the other hand has to support me throughout this period. So, this has taught me a good lesson that I can never forget in life. Now, I have tried hard to add another business to my job instead of focusing on just one alone.

The second phase of this is the aspect of the change I got when uptrennd came into my life. I have said it on one of my posts back then that I was a gambler, but I quitted this when I got to know uptrennd in full. I have spent a lot of money on gambling and I cannot dream of going back to it any longer. 


Two years ago, a student complained of his ear and I told the parents to take note of the child's complaint, but it seems they paid deaf ears. They took their child's ear for granted but getting to this year, the child's ear seems to have blocked. This shows that the parents are not the type that does take care of children but just themselves.

When my daughter at home complained of her ears, immediately, I stood up and attended to her because I am not a father that doesn't care about his CHILDREN'S WELFARE. You can see that I have learned a serious lesson from that experience.


One thing is for sure. Not all parents value education and not all parents who value education have resources to take care of the education of their children. 

My parents valued education, but we're having limited resources. Their hands were no longer enough to carry me through my educational life. So, I only got to a point and stopped but later helped myself out. I completed my education by myself just because I wouldn't want to suffer in life. I had to work extra hard and applied extra effort to see my dreams comes to fulfilment. Many people were calling it night schooling, but I did not relent but kept on pushing ahead because I know my focus in life. 


— You will be at peace when you have a good and understanding wife just like mine. A woman that cannot give you many problems and troubles.

— Gambling is not the best idea as it can make you happy today but takes more than what it gives to you the second day. So, do not gamble as it can waste away your income.

— We should take our children first by attending to any of their complaints and also seeing to their welfare instead of focusing on ourselves alone.

— Do not wait until someone help you out or else your dreams shall be shattered. Work very hard and do not listen to side talk because when you do, you will not continue. 


Header Image I downloaded from  ​Pixabay​​​ but designed on canva.com



James Essien
15 Apr

This is a great write-up.

You are really motivated me on a lot.

Your experience in life are much.

Life as we know is not a bed of roses.

With this point of yours I can bet you that you are one of the winners in the contest.


Agaga Julius
15 Apr

Thank you so much. Life is all about focusing.


Maria Amjad Ali
15 Apr

Wow... You said you are a responsible, good and understanding wife... It seems good to read this. Parent's first priority must be their children's education. 


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

A wise , understand able wife is  best blessing of Almighty . The house remains calm and peaceful. The training of children done in better way. All the lessons are much realistic and loving. 

Best wishes for the contest.


Ishmael Kelechi
15 Apr

Life is in stages and lessons I have learned in life has taught me never to lose guard of my intentions, actions and to always believe. 


Gohar Ali
15 Apr

Its a best and different entry for the contest, instead of using quote you describe your real life lesson.best of luck for the contest.

Behind every man success their is a women,its good you give her credit.


Ahmad Rana
15 Apr

Very good point , women are part of our success.


Agaga Julius
15 Apr

I always make use of my life situation to describe any thing like this.







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