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All human passes through several phases of life. Each phase of life makes the complete narration of the life of an individual. 

Before the year 2020, life has been giving us different strokes. Some pleasant and others are unpleasant too. But in all, life is worth living despite all odds. 


Before the outbreak of the coronavirus, I was going about my normal business. With little or no saving, hoping that tomorrow will be better until the world was locked down and no more means of making a livelihood. One big life lesson I learned during the covid-19 was that family ties is very important. That experience was quite an eye-opener. The world will not forget that experience in a jiffy.

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All over the world, there are  different races of people but all humans are the same irrespective of their body pigment or colour. I have come in contact with different races of people both in the real world and on online platforms. In all, some of these people are very amazing but shockingly too, some of these people have been very hostile. With this, I have concluded that the best kind of people you will ever meet are those who are truly human, humane. Let everyone remember that no matter the creed or race you come from, death is the same so is life.

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At different points in my life, I have met with disappointment from the people I trusted the most. At some points, someone who had promised to stand as a guarantor had to switch off his phone for no reason or good explanation, as such a very beautiful opportunity was lost. I have since relied on God even though I still have some skeleton of trust for some persons. Only God can stand by you at the meanest times of our lives, Him alone is to be trusted.


It is a credible virtue to be a giver. A giver can go any length to satisfy his neighbor. Giving to the needy is not an obligation but could save a life from drowning in the sea of lack. My life has been patterned to be a giver by default. Giving is one of the best ways to reaching out to the less privileged. When you become an ardent giver, you are a philanthropist. This is one of the great life lessons I have learned. More importantly, I have learned that it is more rewarding to be a given than to be a receiver.


One tool of life that makes us lose important opportunities is sorrow. Each time we get confronted with threatening issues, let's focus on getting solution. I had dwell more on a particular problem at a point in time and lost cognisance of what was happening around me. Be a happy person everytime. Let your smile be like the rising of the sun. If you allow sorrow to get the better of you, a lot of people may be affected. So, never allow sorrow to creep into your life, no matter the circumstances. 


I have risen as many times as I have fallen. From my experience, I have come to know that you can ever be who you are or what you want to be if you wait for people to ginger you to rise again. 

Like the proverbial lizard, after fallen from the tree, looks back, nod it's head in the affirmative and say: I have tried.

Pick up the remaining pieces of your life and be on the journey you have set earlier. 


You probably might have set goals to be reached or achieved for a period. And some of these goals  may look very promising. Do not be in a haste to begin to count the profit until they have reached your hands. Some of my close friends who were doing very well while we were in school, bragging that in no time, they will be sky-flying in their proposed achievement, got nothing meaningful out of life.

Dear readers, life is not a bed of roses. And do not be in a haste to reach the height your colleague have attained. Everything will fall into place per time. Give it time and be focused. These are lessons that life has taught me in the short time I have spent here. Thank you. 

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Maria Amjad Ali
15 Apr

It is a big lesson of life..rise after a fall. 

There is a light after darkness... There is a happiness after sorrows... All these lessons that l8fe teaches us.. 

Best of luck for contest


rabail fatima
15 Apr

Waooo very grateful and motivational words surely life is not bed of roses we have to saw many difficulties and the point you discus give as you can i like most because giving to other makes our heart more vast and great and we become more kind nice entry best of luck for your contest too 


Muhammad Farooq Sabar
15 Apr

 life is full of ups and downs and sometimes we live happily and do better things but sometimes we have to face some problems this is a the name of life we should always try to cope with all station in life at the end best wishes for your entry in the contest of navy


Atanda Davido
15 Apr

I am finally motivated to join this contest, this is a good opportunity to showcase our experience and how far we've gone on life, life is full of experiences


Amjad Ali Waince
15 Apr

Really life is not a bed of roses. We have to give it time , importance and priority. The last lesson is more attractive to me the don't count egged before hatched. Lovely write up. 

Best wishes for the contest.







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