Life lessons; A contest by guardian @Navi

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Life lessons.

Life itself is a lesson on its own. What we see, what we do, our actions and reactions, our thoughts, our plans, our dreams, our hopes, our wishes most times come along with bunches of lessons. So we have to live our lives and always be prepared for anything at any time in our life. 

To dive into life lessons everyone would surely have something to say. It has been said that there is no glory without a story and no victory without a history. To achieve something in life at times there have to be sacrificed, and at times there might be none. So to those who have to make sacrifices should never compare themselves to those who aren't. You live in your own life and run your race at your own pace in life. When you compare yourself to others then the competition begins. Competition at times makes one strive but most times diminishes if care is not taken. 

So my dear friends, try to LIVE YOUR OWN LIFE AND DO THINGS YOUR WAY

Most of the time fear stands to be a great enemy to most people making them lose track of their aim and goals. At times if one can get rid of fear them there is surely a long way to go. Many would discourage, abuse, backbite, even some would try to pull you down. But standing strong and firm would keep you on track. Then you have to discover that nothing else is more important than you having to BE YOURSELF ALWAYS 

Talking about people, the word "people" can mean two things it either they stand as "peace" or they stand as "problem". Now it's left for you to play your game wisely. Would you allow peace to reign in your life or cause problems to your life? Knowing whom to make friends with and people to invite into your personal life is so much important. Then you have to put in mind that YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYONE. 

My dad does tell me in anything you do in life, make sure to put yourself first. Because this life we found ourselves everyone would surely praise you for your good heart, they would praise you for your hard work, they might appreciate your intelligence, but when you are gone it takes no time for them to forget about you and call upon someone else. So if you live your life trying to please people without taking good care of yourself then you might later regret been a good Samaritan. This s not been stingy, but make sure to take good care of yourself first. Because YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET

But in anything you do in life, NEVER FORGET TO PUT GOD FIRST. 

These are few words of wisdom from me to you all. Life is so simple, but at times might look complex. It all depends on you and the type of life you have chosen to live in. 

Have a nice time friends. 


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preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
16 Apr

It's true.
We must always put God first, because he wants the good for everyone and will guide us on the right path.
I must also say that I agree with you, health is the most valuable thing we have, that is why we must take care of it.
I wish you luck in the contest.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
16 Apr

We should never forget to put God first bcz God always wants our perfection and we should firstly worship God 🙏 

We should try to live our life with our own style don't try to make others happiness life is too short 

Your all life lessons are appreciate able all the best for this contest


Mark Ceeza
16 Apr

I really enjoyed going through your post. Most of the things I read, are all true about life and each and every one of us have our lesson to learn. When we understand this world and how we should go about it, that is when you have learned your lessons. Nice content dear. I wish you the best in this contest.


Abdul Qadir
16 Apr

great post I think u are sharing your experience do what u want to do not to please other and always be positive it's mine experience wish u best of luck for contest 


Muhammad Waheed Satti
16 Apr

Allah is best who knows how could we work hard. So just leave to Almighty Allah and doing the work. 


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