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Life lesson contest by @Navi

Life is a very beautiful thing. It has both good and bad sides. 

Sometimes in life, we face troubles, and sometimes life is very good for us.

Sometimes when we feel we are not happy but others are. Do remember no one's life is perfect here. Look at those people who even don't have shelter to live and good food to eat.

Always be thankful to Allah Almighty for what you have.

Try to learn a lesson from the life of good people and sometimes bad people also give us a very important lesson to learn.

The lessons I learned are:

The first one the most important for all girls.

If you are married never feel embarrassed in compromise. If you always say that you are right and others are wrong then you are doing bad for yourself.

When my friend got divorced just because she never show respect or compromise with her inlaws. I learned that a girl should never show swaggering. In life sometimes we have to do compromise and in that situation, we should never let our ego be in our relationship.

Never trust others so soon.

It's my nature that I trusted each and everyone so soon. But not everyone is trustable. Once your heartbreak it hurts you a lot and you will not be able to trust the ones who are trustable.

So don't trust everyone so soon.

It happened to me many times but now I learned my lesson.

Be confident

A girl should be confident. I had a very very lack of confidence that affected me in various aspects of life. I learned without confidence your abilities are useless. And this happened to me so many times that my lack of confidence hid my abilities.

Always be confident to prove yourself.

Listen to others too.

If you always speak but do not listen to others, you can lose your many friends and even your family members don't like to talk with you too. I learned that with talking you should try to be a good listener too. So that others feel easy with you.

This is my entry for the guardian @Navi contest. Click here to participate.​


Thank you!


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Mark Ceeza
16 Apr


I most say, your post was amazing. Life truly gives us some lessons that when we remember them, we will try to avoid those things. I wish you all the best in this contest.


Mr.Oxman Oxi
16 Apr

If we always speak but not listen others then everyone thought that we are over confident no one interested in our speech 

Everyone ignore us so always try to give chance to others to talking about his life 

You pick this point beautifully I like it and your Content is appreciate able 


Atanda Davido
16 Apr

I learnt to be confident in myself from your good writeup, confidence is everything and I must say you did well in this article


Amjad Ali Waince
16 Apr

A lovely write up with lovely lessons of life shared. Never trust others soon is most valuable because it helps us to avoid ourselves from conviction and damage. 

Best wishes for the contest.


Khadija Sheikh
16 Apr

We should not trust anyone in a hurry. Whenever we trust a letter very quickly, then whenever that person breaks our trust, then we forget everything.


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