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Life Is Worth Its Weight In Gold & We Still Underestimate It


I still remember the day i got diabetic in such an early age, i remember the worst stomach flushes i got, the unidentified and the unquenchable thirst, the loose muscles, the tiring bone grinding fatigue and pain behind my eyeballs. The worst days i've suffered when i found myself getting carnivorous hunger and still out of energy.

But the hunger remained always like it was then forever part of me. The frequent cycles of painful urination and fainting heart. My life became merciless on me. I remember when i started eating cemet and sand chunks because i lost my power to control what was going on inside me.
 Such ruthless hunger and failure to control myself was the dreadful thing i suffered. The last and the only thing i used to do was; crying by sitting alone for hours! Some grunge was inside me that shook me before it and i couldn't help myself.

 I suffered gestational diabetes 3 years ago and it was the worst period of my life. I stayed hospitalized until i got normal, my fingertips got badly hurt through needle pricks for taking blood samples to test blood sugar levels 4 times a day. And arms got senseless through continuous injectable insulin. The sleepless nights with unending hunger pangs.

 But i stayed strong, inspite of such a painful condition i stood brave, i fought with what i was going through. I was almost a living dead. But thanks thy Lord i returned and recovered then. I am blessed❤.



Rejoice Adegbe
21 Nov

OMG!!! You went through all of this, and you are this strong. I must commend you are indeed a brave woman. And I ThankGod all that are all the past now.. Without knowing you are really inspiring most of us here. Myself included.


Sunny Khan
21 Nov

You are a very strong girl who trusts God and does not leave God. He never fails in life. He is always successful and reaches his destination as if you have reached and I am very inspiring to you.


Peter Faith
21 Nov

I have heard from my sister that this disease is a serious one with types and it can be a threat to life, I am happy that you are alive to testify to the glory of the Lord, i pray you will never go through the pain again in Jesus name.


Captain Philips
21 Nov

Just Wow!

I feel all these things you went through after taking care of a Type-2 or was it A dibetic patient who later died after amputation of her both legs cos of a small wound on her foot index finger we didn't take note of on time. There's so much resilience in your narrative and your positive and worrior attitude is worthy of all emulations Esma.


No name Goodbye
21 Nov

He who fights to the end will be saved indeed. You have gone through a lot but you stood your ground and fought those moments of challenges, and here you are writing this, you have conquered indeed. 

My mum had diabetes too, she really fought too but who can question death? No one. Lol

I believe the one who struggles to the end of challenges, will live to remember and smile forever because they fought hard just like you. Thank God for who you are today. 


preview not available Esma Sid
21 Nov

My mum too died early because of this carnivorous disease. God be merciful to both the souls up in the skies🙏







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