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Life is the flower for which love is the honey

Why do we have the spacial value of a person in our heart? There is a person in our life who is very attached to us. Talking to this person, expressing our love for this person looks very beautiful.  Such a person has a very special place in our lives and a special place seems to be why we give this person a special place in our heart.

 Know that when a person has true love, then not all the evils of man, we do not like everything. And when the same person smiles in front of us, we feel that his smile is more beautiful than the beauty of flowers. Nothing in the world looks as beautiful to us as the person we love.

 It is not a sin to love a human being, but it is a great sin to deceive a human being. When a person is caught in love, the sweetness of that love is too much for him. It feels sweet. Because it has certain feelings. There are those who always arouse the human heart.

 The feeling of love in the heart of a human being should be considered as a blessing from Allah, but remember to call this love a pure relationship. There are many people in the world who confess their love for a human being. So they do, but their love is only for their body and not for their soul.

 To me, love is the name of honor and protection. When you love a person, the most important thing is to respect that person and give importance to that person.  If you love this person then this relationship stays very strong. And remember when you give these three things to a person then that person will never forget your love and will always love you.  And would like to stay with you.

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Zoyaa Ansari
06 Apr

Exactly when we love a human being, even the bitter words of that human being seem very sweet to us that our heart is in love at that time and everything is permissible in love.And you have often seen that in love we also forgive each other's mistakes and shortcomings. That is love and life looks very beautiful ❤️


Chidiebere Christian
06 Apr

Indeed love is a feeling of honour. We should learn to live our lives with the person we love and cherish always. True love is scarces and we should maintain the one we have


M.A Khan
06 Apr

Yes @Saqib A Love is the name of purity. It is the name of trust, care and respect. Yes we must have to real instead of just passing time and love for body or for our own profit. If our love is real then the person to whom we love will be with us whole life and that relationship will be strong. Life will be a beautiful flower as our love is real to whom we love.


Asim Alvi
06 Apr

@Saqib we have special feeling for special person whom we love, it's because of the demand of the relationship that we made with it, and because human has emotions and expressions in them, lol


Freekay Gold
06 Apr

Love is a great emotions that change everything about humans abilities when you love someone no matter what the person is going through you will always love the person.


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