Life is not perfect but your's hair can be

​When you’re having a good hair day  Hair maintenance is such a struggle these days because we’ve made it so . Heat damage , color damage and on top of all that not eating well and putting our bodies through stress to encourage the insidious cycle that turns into the never ending telogen effluvium 👹 Hair care is simpler than you think : the simple things matter more : eating right , not stressing and treating your hair with care  point to be noted here is to always go to the doctor instead of the salon when you feel that there is some pathology involved . For color damaged hair I’ve experienced that hair treatment in the form of Smart Bond and Olaplex have really worked for my hair (other than using serums before curling or straightening) . I only started noticing the difference when I didn’t use these but then again these are also temporary treatments . Ultimately you need to treat your body right. 

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Amjad Ali Waince
28 Mar

Agreed that we can't change what Almighty Allah give us but what we have , we should care of it . Hair also has a big part in our beauty and we can treat well but simple things. Eat well , sleep well and live simple .


Abdul Qadir
28 Mar

hair are important part of body and make u beautiful so it's protection and care is essential vitamin A and zinc is really good for hair informative article 


Ayat Fatima
28 Mar

Exactly this is such a great issue of all girls even boys also face these kind of problems to protect  hair's from dry weather, During the changing of weather, which shampoo is best for them etc


Saima Idrees
28 Mar

We should care about our diet to make the hair in the better way.... A proper and healthy diet is a good treatment for the hairs... 

and yes its better to consult a doctor than to go to salon .... 


Adeleye Abdulqudus
28 Mar

Hummmn. Well said. We 

We might not be perfect  but our hairs can for sure

The fun fact is that I do barb my hairs so I take less care about it


Amal Fatima
28 Mar

Hi Adelye how are you 🙃

You are geneous and find the easy solution for your hairs 🤷‍♀️😅😂







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