Poetry is may way of relaxing. I have been working hard on my Thesis and now its time for fun with poetry.

Poetry is painting emotions with words. I just wrote a love poem a few hours ago loaded with emotion and this one is just the opposite. This poem is loaded with disgust.. I am just giving free run to my imagination.

Many where your promises, 

Like a politician at the street corner,

You told tall tales,

Your words now washed away,

In the tide of your success,

Your presence now rare,

Like the blue moon.

Emotions have died,

Words have changed,

Like a chameleon,

You've changed colors. 

At the altar of fame, 

You've sacrificed truth,

Your race is after money,

Your words forgotten,

You've joined the numbers,

Of those idiots,

Before you,

You are no better,

Than those dishonest, 


We knew it all along,

So, we never really cared,

Promises or not,

You're just another sewer rat!

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Magdalene Dan
06 Apr

Hmmm this is indeed fascinating. Poetry sometimes expresses our emotions and the way we feel towards humans and the things around us.

Keep it up coz this is unique.


Ishmael Kelechi
06 Apr

There are many people who would lie just to have their way into your heart. Some will come to you because to they want a piece of your body and when they are done, the look elsewhere to satisfy the same urge.

Liars abound everywhere, look before you leap into their hands. 


Sofs Su
06 Apr

Absolutely, people seek you for many reasons, they have hidden agendas and lie is the language they speak.


James Essien
06 Apr

Sweet words of a great peotry.

The peotry is so cool and I really love it.

Thanks for sharing this to us.your peotry bring peace to my soul


Abdur Razzaq
06 Apr

Some times poetry gives us calm some time it made us emotional....

Good realizing words for him or her . No anyone should  prefer money over truth or relationships.


Abigail Francis
06 Apr

Poetry is always a words of joy to me but now a days many prefer money over True love thanks for sharing







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