Leverage Season 7

I'd to travel for an emergency, as a result I was absent from this prestigious Uptrennd platform. I must confess I missed the community, even though I get to work remotely that gives me a lot of flexibility, and coupled with the fact that I'm always with my smartphone, it was one that requires the need to lay aside my phone and do the needful. 

Although I'm not fully back, nevertheless, we can still get the ball rolling. Some community members continue to send me their links that I've already voted either on the main Uptrennd platform or the Uptrennd Ultimate Search. Please, do understand that I can only vote your link once, except it's a fresh link I've not already voted. 

I say this because, if you notice I didn't registered my vote on your link even when you adjudged it original and quality content, the above reason might be responsible. Except in cases where it's as a result of oversight. 

However, Project 'Ultimate Search' season Seven is here again for those unique quality content creators  that rarely get the attention of the Guardians. 

If you think you fall into the category as described above kindly drop the links to your post on the comment section below. Preferably you should drop just one link each to make it much easier for me to navigate through. 

Note: Nobody should drop more than one link.

The ideal is to give every good content creator a chance regardless of their level so that we can all collectively share in the Uptrennd experience. Since Uptrennd exists for the common good of all. 

Peradventure, you dropped your link in the past and you didn't get the desired results, please do understand that we're doing our very best to ensure everyone is giving the desired attention. However, low quality and plagiarized contents would be turn down to receive the appropriate punishment.







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