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Level Up vs Withdrawal? My Choice...

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Romana Grubesic 4 days ago

I think a lot of members have same doubts. They are lead by tought: what if...better to have a small amount on a wallet than invested in leveling. But i do share your opinion for several reasons:

1. I see leveling up as investing in myself

2. Leveling up is a better solution for long turn, even if that long run is a few months

3. Competitive spirit doesn't give me a chance to be at the end of the line :)

4. Higher level-more earning

And most important thing is trust and belive. I do believe Uptrennd has a bright future, and I dontrust people working on it.

So for me, leveling up is the final choice also :)

Busola Akinlolu 4 days ago

I also believe in uptrennds growth, and understanding the value level up brings makes it easier to press the level up botton. Its like less work more points. It's worth it at the long run, i can't wait to level up soon, level 15 is by the corner.

Victoria Haruna 4 days ago

You just nailed it. It's a wise decision 

Danyo Yo 4 days ago

Wise and may I say correct decision to level up!

Luke Brenland 4 days ago

I do often wonder who will get to level 30 first i have often thought about having ago myself haha

Victoria Haruna 4 days ago

I have same thoughts though. 

Jan Bouda 4 days ago

How many points does it mean level 30? I can't even imagine it

Luke Brenland 4 days ago

well to go to 22 it will cost me nearly 9000 points lol so 30 is gonna be a big climb :)

Victoria Haruna 4 days ago

9000 points is quite huge. Its worth it in the long run

Luke Brenland  4 days ago

it most certainly will be worth it :D

Jan Bouda 4 days ago

Well I would prefer to sell my BATs or LBAs instead of 1UP tokens. 1 UP token is my precious ( token).

Plus there is one advantage of leveling up, it isn’t only because of advancing, it’s the upvote’s economy, for example now on level 16 your upvote worths 2.5 points. So actually you are getting more every time for your uptrennding. That’s what I like.

Victoria Haruna 4 days ago

Yea! The fact that at each level a point is added to the previous is most intriguing.

The uptrennd platform make the 1Up most appealing.

Mayur Gaikwad 4 days ago

I will probably have enough tokens by end of next week to level up...







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