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06 Oct
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Level 20 - Time to say Good Bye to something

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Salena Billings 5 months ago

Congratulations on hitting the 20th level and as I've come to seek out your posts, I must say once again that I love your perspective Jan! The timing of this post couldn't be better! I'm excited to read your commitment to be here for a very long time because I rely upon you to help me develop my cryptoblogging skills :)

As I just returned from a weekend of celebating my 40th year high school reunion.. many people may think that "chasing your dreams" may no longer matter, but so many of the suggestions you've posted here are more important now than ever!

I've found that as I get older refining my focus and discipline are truly key to practicing a life of simple self love as well as reaching my goals.  I am in firm agreement that there is so much "letting go" that must occur in order to move forward and continue growing.  However what's works best now is to celebrate the small quality forward steps instead of criticizing the size of them.

Had I never let go of old beliefs, I would've never had the courage to invest in bitcoin!

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Salena, I am a fan of Ernestine Shepherd, one of the world oldest body builder. Check her on Youtube, she started with fitness when she was 56; one day she decided to get out of her couch potato status and she was chasing her dream in the  last 26 years. Lot of men would like to have muscles like her. I think many people think when they reach certain age, that their life has to be boring, and according to conventional status. I think we can become whatever we want to be, everything is in our minds.

Itliker Shadda 5 months ago

Awesome great creation Jan this must-read a post of have been a great writer, teacher, motivator, guider, influencer for uptrennd since I joined uptrennd. I have learned a lot of things from you.thanks for all this education.

Now you have give alot of advice to uptrenndian and also pointed out all the reasons that stop one to work hard.

Comfort zone is one the biggest problem for me.

You are right money has no worth but your devotion to anything has great value.

Keep educating us.

quinto mudigo 5 months ago

@Itliker. Well said. The more devoted you are in something even if you don't have resources to do it the more you will get rewarded in the long run. In the short run you will suffer though

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

What I like about Uptrennd is that it allows you to get rewarded for free. Yes of course you have to put your talent, skills, discipline but you don’t have to pay money for it, which may be a real difference from other crypto projects.

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

I really appreciate your comment. The comfort zone is a dangerous one, but believe me once we got into cryptos, we are out of this zone. I think that there is something important: we have to do what we enjoy and if we we like it, share it on Uptrennd, plus getting paid, it’s just great.

Alberto Dionisio 5 months ago

Awesome post Jan😉 in all my life I have gave up long ago for other people opinion...why?!The one who criticize you are the ones who doesn't do anything!!!they just there to take you down'''s time to follow the passions that all of us are to Uptrennd...It's a Nation who is getting builded and that will be( and already in great steps to ) a great platform. One other thing that I don't do is to compete with somebody else but always to myself and trying always also to beat myself!! Life without challenging things I assume that is not something you can be proud of!!! I wish you are great career here and I am also changing my batteries to become the Uptrennd Platform my Job,not my Hobby📈.

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Totally 100% agree with you Alberto. The biggest challenge is the compete with ourselves. There are great months and there could be a certain flat trend or even downtrend in our results, but the point is to be constant. There is an interesting reflection – about the platform, for me it’s both hobby and job at the same time.

quinto mudigo 5 months ago

@Jan. Congrats for your leveling up. By being focused on doing something everyday, you normally get new secrets of doing it. Even for me when i started writing about different cryptos, i din't know that my portfolio for crypto writing will grow to where it is today. Everytime i go and see the crypto posts which i have managed to create, i normally wonder whether it is me who has created those posts or it is somebody else. Because of that i normally get motivated to keep on adding more posts on cryptos because i normally feel that i have created my crypto job. Very soon will also launch my crypto website company. I think over there will be able to increase on my crypto revenue as well. Great work need to be rewarded. Keep on improving on your work @ Jan and never stop on learning cause the more you learn and the more you write the more you keep on discovering new concept of doing it. Let's meet at the top @Jan

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

Quinto it’s great to hear on your future plans. We can become whatever we decide to. What I have seen that there a better opportunities in cryptospace  for growth and thrive than in our current fiat world.

MD ABDUL BASED 5 months ago

Amazing! It's a biography, a story with passion and heart-touching moments of your life. Really, it can knock anyone. Thanks Jan!

Jan Bouda 5 months ago

When you start doing something completely different, a lot of people will have different opinions. The people who care for you and love you, they support you but there will be also people who will have points of view against – we can listen them to. But we have to select what the best stuff is for us based on our judgement and personal decision.







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