Jan Bouda Jan
12 Jul
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Level 10 – here we go and why I love Uptrennd.

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Nathan Kaytar 8 months ago

Welcome to the Upper levels Jan!

You hit the nail right on the head, the opportunity granted to all of us by Uptrennd is truly amazing. 

We are all part of a social media 3.0 revolution!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

Nathan thanks a lot for all the support. All the Uptrenndian team members are doing really awesome job, and it shows because this site is exponentialy growing. This social media 3.0 revolution is something different and more fair for all of us, breaking the established monopolies.

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 8 months ago

Congratulations, Jan :), I share your enthusiasm, excellent introduction!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader thanks a lot for your articles. We are learning here a good deal from you every day about crypto TA. Thanks for your support.

MrBullishSail Crypto Trader 8 months ago

I appreciate it very much, Jan ;), your contributions are just as useful!


Luke Brenland 8 months ago

i am going to swear yes! lol Fucking awesome buddy! Love the post and the breakdown!! Good for you to introduce yourself to everybody here too! :) You are a Top Guy!!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

Luke, thanks for all the support from the beginning. All the uptrenndian team members are doing great job. What I like about this a lot, it has never become routine because there are new things happening every day on Uptrennd.

Itliker Shadda 8 months ago

I will do in next week

Lucas S 8 months ago

So true! I love learning about people and what they love doing, ad hearing more about this amazing community. Thank you.

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

Hi Lucas, my intro was missing - I realized it. The learning part is really something cool because that will allow us to count on more expertise in this field and make more money too.

Elena Demou 8 months ago

Excellent Jan. It's good to have a little bit of background on you! Love having you around and getting to read your articles. Keep it up!

Jan Bouda 8 months ago

Elena thanks a lot and I really appreciate all your support. Uptrenndian team is a key ingredient for all our success because we feel that support and care, what really makes this site different from others.


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