My dear Mahinoo, 

Turning the light off will never wipe the darkness on your thoughts. Come get up and wash your face, it's time to attend to your husband who is out for work for his family.

I know it's tough to survive with a man you don't love by heart, it's not an easy task to share your pillow with a person who doesn't influence your nerves. 

I know it's not easy to let your lips feed the person who is not hungry for the same. It's worst to share your body with the one who isn't your soulmate. 

But, despite all the impossibilities, you are here with a three months infant in your belly, this is a sign of stronger Mahnoor. That courageous Mahnoor, who sacrificed her love for the sake of her parents, her sister siblings, and the social norms. 

I am super proud of you Mahnoor, for the organization you established for women empowerment. Although it's not well recognized yet it's accommodating a little number of ladies which is not less than a great accomplishment of your dream. 

How a Mahnoor, can feel down who comes up this long way to achieve her dreams of working woman for women if you will hide in darkness who will lighten the lives of others? 

You worked hard and fast, constructing your individuality when you are living in a male dominant society isn't an easy task. But you did it so well. 

You are being recognized as a counselor for women, people are quoting you as an example, for daughters. It's a proud moment when someone says, 

See Mahnoor, follow her in studies, profession, and passion.  

You progressed a lot and if you excluded a person from your life, for OTHER's sake you can't be discouraged now, because you are the hope of ladies around you. You relieved a physical object and earned spiritual, social, and religious for you.  

I believe no one can contribute to the rights of women the way you have done. I also believe ONLY YOU can do it better in the future. 

Many more powers and wishes to you. Come on turn the light on and let the world be illuminated with sparkles of your wisdom. 

I love you, he loves, you everyone loves you. Above all Allah Almighty loves you and will not disappoint you for HIS endowing.  

Yours truly, 

Mahnoor Danish.  

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21 Nov


This is truely epic dear.

But I pray your future husband is someone who adores you alot and wants to share every bit of him self with you and your dream.to empower women amd the sacrifices you made is really a courageous @Mahnoor Danish dear.

Stay blessed until you achieve all you have written and take care of your beautiful future kids.

Best regards 


lovely writting dear


Queen Pearl
21 Nov

Wow this is really great 

When I started reading I was like can this be true how? And why 

But when I finish reading my mind settled

But seriously can you marry someone you don't love for the sake of your family?

Am so sorry to ask but I just want to know because I do watch it in the movie and I don't believe it 

And I also want to wish you all the best dear Mahnoor 


Mahnoor DanisH
21 Nov

It's true 🙂

I am living an example of this sacrifice.

Not a movie hehe 

Don't be sorry dear. It's all fine now.

Thank you for stopping by 😘


Chukwubueze Esomonu
21 Nov


It pained me to see that touighy probably end up with someone that you don't have an iota of love for 🤧.

But all the same I know that for all the plans you have including the establishment of women's organization and so on will come to full accomplishment.

Tjigh it might seem that all is not yet put together but success at the very end of it all is way I see for you mahnoor.

Remain and grow stronger 🙏


Oldschool Wrestlingdesires
21 Nov

Congratulations on the new baby :) Mahnoor, I pray that the pregnancy is easy, and that one day you will be able to love the baby's father. Keep up the great work with everything that you do :)


Tariq Shehzad
21 Nov

Well done Mahnoor..!

It so easy to live life for itself, but the great people live their life for other.

Mahnoor is a great personality.


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