Let Your "Actions" Speak

Assalam O Alaikum!

I saw the status somewhere that 

"Never tell anyone your plans, show them your results instead".

I loved these lines and I have decided to share my views on it.

In our life, we meet with many different persons. Some are the loyal ones and some are not. 

Whenever we trust anyone and tell them about our planings that I am planning to do this, the loyal ones always motive and encourage us. While the persons who are not sincere, not loyal to us they always demotivate us. They always try to down our confidence. 

Due to the presence of such people, we lose our confidence, ability, agility.

So, share with those who support you, encourage you and guide you, but not with those who demotivate you, your actions are enough to show them about your plans. 

Keep Silent your plans and let your actions speak.



22 Dec

That's right dear..

We should always keep our lips closed when necessary and let our actions speaks.. if we have a plan work hard to achieve and not going to broadcast it to everyone as some can be a source of discouragement to derail one's mind for the plan or goals.


Umar Khan
22 Dec

Absolutely always keep quiet about your plans and speak with your actions.Because sometimes it is very wrong for a person to tell someone about their plans and they can be harmed..


Sani Khan
22 Dec

We must remain silent on our plans because people today are selfish.


Spectre Soul
22 Dec

Actions speak louder than words 

We should work hard not just brag about that 

You may face hurdles when you are working but you should keep on working silently. When you'll done up, your creation shut their mouth off


Goodnews Uko
22 Dec

it's really a good one (motivated)

we shouldn't just speak hence we will be discouraged by many people around us, just let them see it through your actions, let's your action speak to them and they will be speechless when that happen. 


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