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31 Mar
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Benjamin Sunday 2 months ago

Although did not experience the whole network ish, they should just work on their interface or something 

Zizy Mena 2 months ago

Oh you are so lucky.  Some cant even login

Naveed Ahmed 🇵🇰 2 months ago

I won't kick 2up Tuesday anyway just hope that it's fixed and we have a normal next 2up Tuesday. Yes it really hurts and felt frustrated when page doesn't load and that error comes. Hope it will be fixed soon. 

Zizy Mena 2 months ago

With every tuesday it gets worse. Maybe next week tuesday we wont be able to log in 

Akintunde Hussein 2 months ago

I actually thought there was something wrong with my posts when I didn't see much upvote, not until I checked posts that usually rack up 50-60 upvotes in 30 minutes only getting 3 upvotes in 2 hours. It was terrifying and it's still is. I prepared a whole day for this, but was disappointed with the site performance. But I believe the technical team will definitely find a better solution to this so that we won't experience such thing again.

I know how disappointed you are, Zizy, but we can't afford to miss 2Ups Tuesday

Zizy Mena 2 months ago

Cant afford you say? A lot has missed it already.  Today records the lowest activity i will have on uptrennd.  My posts recorded the lowest votes and i am not even near my daily targets. Oh! It is terrible

Princess Busayo 2 months ago

I think the team should find a better solution to it because not everyone will object to the suggestion that 2Up Tuesdays should be scrapped out. We all love that moment where we get double of our upvote

I was so made this morning when all went well before 8am and exactly 8am, the site started going bad. I was even wondering, could it be that much people are on the platform today compared to yesterday?

The team should find a solution jare

Zizy Mena 2 months ago

Yes more people are on the site on tuesdays. We have been having this issue since two weeks now yet the team has done nothing.  It gets worse with every tuesday.  I rather function normally than have  such an experience

Princess Busayo 2 months ago

When all is left without an option then let it stop

John Grace 2 months ago

The Person that put a downvote Here is dumb and senseless 

You should know is not every time you write long comments

And is your post or comment that will determine the kind of comment or reply that will be placed.. 

And this is even the right reply to be used 

Mohammad Wasi 2 months ago

I think no one tredian want to kick out this amazing opportunity but yes if we face this harshing loading and error issue that there have only option kick out this while it's useless....!

Zizy Mena 2 months ago

It was useless for me today as i was more of a spectator than a participant 







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