Let's Your Engagement Get You Reward (2,000 1UP)

A question on my mind!

Yes, Uptrennd focuses on general content to accommodate people to share their interest, skill, and followers and readers can benefit from them, but still, Uptrennd as not shift focus as a crypto-based social platform.

Now, the question is, how many African crypto writers are on this platform? Don't get me wrong, every member on this platform is important but, we need to figure out something if truly we are seeking for real adoption of cryptocurrency in our continent.

There are several world cryptocurrency platform well known and building the future of Uptrennd by helping to get some of Africa crypto bloggers/writers to share their views about crypto space knowing that crossposting is allow on Uptrennd, this will help many of us to share from people experience and grow alongside.

On the other hands, there are African right here with their knowledge in crypto space, let's try to share experience about this space and grow the community for a better future.

Engagement With Reward

From the study, there is some Africa crypto platform we'll love to see on Uptrennd to share from their crossposting at least. Can you write your name on the map of Uptrennd Nation with your engagement and get at least 1 of them? This is an individual race lol! If you know of any, let's work together and get them in... 

If successful, will reward the fellow 1,000 1UP for a successful landing and you have a maximum of 3 platforms.

On the other hand, I know many of us are good at networking with our friends on Facebook, Twitter and the like...

Get this Facebook Link or Twitter Link and give it a good comment with at least a friend that you know is a writer or crypto enthusiast that is not yet on Uptrennd.

If you successfully onboard him and he drop him first content, I will reward you 200 1UP. One slot per person. (For Just 5 People)

If you successfully have the highest reactions on your Facebook comment or Twitter comment with at least a positive response from a friend you mentioned, you will receive 150 1UP (For Just 10 People)

If none of the above two applicable to you but you are among the first 10 on Facebook or Twitter with highest reactions, you receive 100 1UP. (For Just 20 People)

Reward Distribution Flashlight 

Follow Uptrennd Africa Twitter

Join Uptrennd Africa Telegram

Like Uptrennd Africa Facebook Page and Group

This is 24Hrs Task and Can Continue After 24Hrs If Engagement Are Low!



Scholastica Kosy
30 Nov

Wow. This is an opportunity to earn some tokens, I will try to participate in the contest and bring my friends here on uptrennd. I don't want to miss the opportunity oo. Thanks for organizing this


preview not available EngrSamest .
30 Nov

Get to action, it's time based!


Tariq Shehzad
30 Nov

Wow.  Very nice

Its a very well moment to get some point s by your giveaway .

I will try my best to participate in this contest.


preview not available EngrSamest .
30 Nov

Try your best and activate your reward 


RinNy Mboro
30 Nov

This sounds cool and the task comes with a good reward so over to see how we can bring these people to join us

Good to have come up with something like this


preview not available EngrSamest .
30 Nov

Hope to see your great engagement and contributions


Ayomi Dimeji
30 Nov

This is a big opportunity to earn more 1up.

I must participate in this giveaway to grab mine.

Thanks for giving out this opportunity


preview not available EngrSamest .
30 Nov

Get to action and command reward


Uwem Ekanem
30 Nov

Wow. This is a great opportunity and I can earn this alone. I will participate and also tag and invite my friends too. Thanks so much for this giveaway 


preview not available EngrSamest .
30 Nov

I hope.you have started


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