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Let's Us Reasons Together

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Chukwudum E 5 days ago

Ten virgins are the parable that illustrates how we humans should be prepared for everything we wish to engage in.

The ten virgins are prepared to meet there husband but, five are not ready. They are with everything but forgot to go the extra oil minus the five virgins.

In life as we struggle to remain faithful toll Jesus comes for us or die, we should always be filled with the word of God, which is the oil we Christians needs to grow. We can be of good behavior and character like the whole ten that made them qualify in the first place, but if the world of God is not in us like the extra oil the wise five have, we can't make it to heaven.

Also I. Our businesses we should be willing to go the extra mile so that we will achieve our aim. 

I love this and will love to see it come around frequently.

Chukwubueze Esomonu 5 days ago

The parable of the ten virgins ...talks on the coming of Christ....

The one without the oil..missed heaven...they did not gather the necessary virtues they were suppose to have...while in their lifetime...

They realize that late and so they represent the people that won't make heaven....

While the  other fine represent the five who were very prepared...and so saw the groom...which meant they went to heaven...

This is my first time in the bible study and I learnt alot...


August Elijah 5 days ago

According  to the book of Matthew.

The parable of the ten virgins was talking about heaven. .those that are ready and those thar aren't ready. .

The first five were ready but the second didn't have all what it takes to make heaven 

Chiamaka Nsiegbe 5 days ago

I'm happy seeing another edition of the bible study. The parable of the ten virgins is very deep to me. The 5 that had oils were the ones the bride groom approved of. Those that didnt have oils could have had other good characters. But I guess the oil is everything the virgins needed. Regardless, Jesus was trying to tell us to be ready and remain on alert and prepared for his coming. 

Dr. Alafem 💟 5 days ago

This story adumbrates the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ and the attitude of readiness we should have to reign with Christ when he comes.

But because the time and the moment when his coming will be sudden, the moment we are least expected due to the fact that the time of his coming is not even known to him nor any of the angels except the Father only, we must ALWAYS be in readiness for his coming , prepared fully with our lamps burning with oil, adorned in the garment of holiness, meeting him with life blazing and red hot , not with a lamp that's burning faintly because he's the father of light and in him is no darkness at all!







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