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Good evening everyone, how are you doing and how was your day, am here again this evening to talk about another drama named "true beauty".

The drama is about a high school girl who has been ugly ever since she was young so all her classmates do make fun of her and how ugly she really is, so she has been enduring her classmate abuse and torture till high school. So she was torture to the extent that she think of leaving the school.

On getting home she realize that they are moving back to their former house because her dad use their house for loan and he was not able to repay the loan so they have to collect the house from them which truly pains her mother but she was really happy to hear about it because she will change her school because of that.

So she made up her mind to learn how to apply make up so that she can use it to make her face beautiful for her new school. On getting to her new school all the student likes her because they think she was really pretty not knowing that it was because of the make up that makes her to beautiful, so on getting to tge new school there are two handsome guys that fall in love with her.

So watch out for what happen next to see whether they will truly love her if they get to know about her real beauty.

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Anthony Eri
18 Apr

😂😂😂 So makeup can really enhance the beauty of a girl? Amazing! Well only in Philippines because over here in Nigeria, the school authorities will never allow a high school female student to apply make up except you are a student in the University.


Fatimah Yetunde
18 Apr

Lolz well not all school can be as strict as that of Nigeria high school and it is not only in Philippine self but almost all Asian schools can allow it


preview not available javier arturo pulido andueza
18 Apr

There is no ugly woman, they only have to groom themselves a little and they will be beautiful, makeup only highlights their beauty a little.


Mark Ceeza
18 Apr

I will like to read about the next part. I don't think does boys will love her when they see her real face because they fell in love with her beautiful face and not her ugly face. 


Fatimah Yetunde
18 Apr

Go and watch it if you wish to know what happen next 


Morris Ohi
18 Apr

Thank you for sharing but I'm not a fan of movie


Gokce Afi
19 Apr

Yeah I have seen this drama and really loved it a lot❤Really amazing

You know real beauty doesn't lie in your appearance but it lies inside your character..... ❤ instead of making yourself beautiful outside you should struggle to make your self beautiful by your heart😇


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