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Good evening everyone, how are you doing and how was your day, happy weekend to you all, am sure you know that every Sunday I do talks about movies so am here with another Korean drama named "Crash landing on you".

The drama is about a lady from a rich family and also from south Korea so while paragliding in south Korea she was swept up or caught up with a big storm that had to land her to North korea, it was there she met a soldier so she was shocked to hear from the soldier that she is in north Korea at first she didn't believe so later on she accept and try to escape.

So the soldier thought she is a terrorist that someone from south Korea send her to disguise and watch over them so as time goes on the guy later on believe her and allow her to be living with him for the main time, so later on the leader of the soldier realize this and went to the guy's house so the guy had to lied that she is his fiancée and that it was work that take her to south Korea she is really from North.

The guy had to lied because north and south  Korea don't really like each other so if they knew she is from south they may kill her so as time goes on the both started fallen in love to each other. The drama is such an interesting one in which one would be happy to watch.

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Rash 786
24 Jan

The story that you tells us fascinated me. I will love to watch that drama.


Unwana Sunday Akpan
24 Jan

Telling from this simple narratives, it is quite obvious this movie will be interesting to watch. I am not all that the korean type of movie watcher, but with this, you've made me pick interest.

Thanks for sharing.



Anthony Eri
24 Jan

What a beautiful movie review! And from all you have written, indeed this movie is a must watch for me. Thanks for the recommendation!!!


Adeleye Abdulqudus
24 Jan

Hahahaha. I have watched this movie. And I could testify that it was acted so cool. I love the scenes filled with drama, comedy and lots more. Hahaha. Thanks for bringing this to us. 


Morris Ohi
25 Jan

Thanks for sharing and it's really nice to know you like movies especially from South Korea. 


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