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Human is not happy in any situation and when there is a problem we start blaming life but nowadays I am free and I don't know what to do but I am still busy but where ??It's been a long time since I've been away from these things and now I just don't have time for these things.

My favorite hobby is watching dramas and seasons and when I finish it and then writing, and so on.But OnLine shopping is one of my Favourite Hobbies, 

But Online shopping is what I like most and collecting clothes And collecting perfume, and I keep looking all day to see what to take because there are so many cute things and I can't control myself and I spend all my money on shopping. My life partner will be very annoyed with this hobby😁. 

And what makes everyone feel poison is that I sleep in my bed for 18 hours and I don't feel well until I get 12 hours of sleep and when I sleep, I just sleep Lol because I am just thirsty for sleep.

Cooking is also a hobby but when I have time to whenever I wake up,I like to do make-up and sewing clothes but my mom don't like butI loves it and now I am thinking that I should learn some tips.Sobhese are my hobbies now a days...

Guys!!What do you do in your spare time ??



Egwu Doris .
22 Nov

For me, I have been too busy lately that I find it difficult to even spare some leisure time out.

But the little break I have I use it for writing and trending. Sometimes I sleep.

Playing games is one of my hobbies too


Ayesha Gill
22 Nov

First of all welcome back on uptrennd my dear❤️❤️❤️...I missed you a lot...(Sorry for recieving you late🤫)

As you are asking about my spare time activities,i like hangouts😂,i love to tease others...I love to make imperfect drwaings in spare time and write poetry...


Adeleye Abdulqudus
22 Nov

my hobbies are surfing the internet, watching movies and eating because i am a foodie lolllll

dont ming me  lol i also love to read but that during exams period.... lol


Ayesha Malik
22 Nov


How much you are fond of sleeping 😂

And spending money on shopping; the rarest hobby dear;

Talking about my hobby I love book reading; whenever I have time I make myself busy reading the best books by international authors!;

I also like cooking but my family is more benefited by this hobby as they got an opportunity to taste the best food by the best chief😎

I have a few more hobbies like drawing; writing articles; poems and making hand made crafts 😊

You can acquire them if you want.


Saira Kakar
22 Nov

so amazing hobby watching dramas is also my hobby and i love pakistani drama serial its batter for entertainment and its gives us lesson with its story 


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