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As many of you know about the platform of The Exciting 5. Which is used to help content creators get more attention to their content.

A while ago we announced the top 5 Exciting members for the Month of October.

Today I like to take this time to give review of one of our members of The Exciting 5

Today I like to tell you about the Content Creators Osato Jegede Who is a content creator and often publishes content on the platform of Uptrennd.

She was awarded to be a the member of The Exciting 5 for the month of October.

I will tell you more about Osato Jegede

He is a level 22 member on the Uptrennd platform. 

Osato Jegede is always advocating on the platform for people to make good content. A strong supporter to the platform of Uptrennd. He is always creating content that will bring good feel and happiness to everyone.

Also he brings many cases of awareness to what is happening. Such as his post about 

Nigeria Banks the Mother Of Corruption.


He is always bring attention to anything on the politic scene especially for his country of Nigeria and anything going on in Africa. Which is quite important to bring that attention to the community. Many people are not aware of the situations going on in various African countries.

I highly recommend that you call come by to Uptrennd and check out his content .

I will leave the links below so you can have easy access to his content and profile. 

I really think you will be totally impressed by what you see and read.

So this has been my review of Osato Jegede  from The Exciting 5.

I intend to do more profiles of The Exciting 5 in the next while. Perhaps you could be one of them.

I will also leave the links below to learn more about The Exciting 5. Always so much potential to success for anyone out there.

Thank you for your time everyone and look forward to all your feedback and seeing your success.

Bye for now.


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Abubakar Ahmad
05 Nov

Hi, good evening sir, glad to see you. Hope that you are fine, healthy and happy


KimJoe Abara
05 Nov

I will surely learn more about the exciting 5 cis it's really exciting to know more...thanks for sharing... 


RinNy Mboro
05 Nov

I always follow him @Posts Jegede and aside being a guardian i love his contents especially as he always add a video to his post

He's really exciting


JR of Exciting World Cryptos
07 Nov

Jegede is an amazing creator


Ayoola Adegoke
05 Nov

I've known osato jegede since I joined uptrennd

He's been a a good guardian and also a good content writer


David Archangel
05 Nov

I am happy to know that Uptrennd is a platform for both free expression and political denunciation. Without fear of censorship, and other social networks, very recognized and used, they delete publications in addition to demonetizing without prior notice.







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