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As I was doing my laundry earlier today, I wished I had a washing machine because I knew that using a washing machine would make my work easier and faster.  

That is by the way. I don't know if you. game community is only meant for writing about games like (Assassin Creed, Mortal Combat, and the rest like thet. I was once into those games but not anymore, don't ask why hehe.

If you are free please stay connected to this post let's have fun.

I want us to play an interesting game, we will be using the comment section.

Here are the rules of the game.

1. The first word of the sentence you will be writing MUST be the last word the previous user used.



I have never seen a woman that wouldn't swoon at the sight of me.


"Me" is a name I call myself and it isn't spelled "Mee".  Mee is a bot I met on discord.


Discord has been one of my most Visited apps after Opera mini. Which is yours?

This is how the game shall go in the comment section.  Now to the next rule...

2. Whoever goes against Rule number will be downvoted by the participants of this game, so comment carefully 😀😆

3. Your comments should be up to three lines at least. We don't want spam comments to ruin the game PLEASE.

4. Have FUN while playing.🤩 🎉.


I will go first and I will be replying comments and you can too but it must be according to the rules. PLEASE downvote me if I miss the rule.. THAT'S THE FUN PART OF THE GAME.😁

NOTE: Refresh the page of this post immediately after you've read it so you will see updated comments. Make sure you change the option of the comment section to NEW so you will see new comments..

Okay let's start already, I'm going first.

The day is bright although it is almost over but we still have a few hours left to round up the fulfilling day.



Usman Khalid
26 Nov

"interesting"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣this post is going to be very exciting and interesting 

My entry started from interested and will end at nothing 🤣


Daniel Mayowa
26 Nov

Day can be so awesome that we will feel like dancing.

Lol this is going to be interesting


Michael Chikadibia Emeruwa
26 Nov

Nothing is impossible before our heavenly father, only put your trust in Him and you shall partake in His everlasting blessings.

Do you think so?


Jessica Ossom
26 Nov

So long bye-bye to all our troubles and pains

Nothing will stop It from being interesting.




🤩Nice comments 


Vincent Isibor
26 Nov

Comments on Uptrennd can contain spam or plagiarized ones.

We all need to work towards original content.







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