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Let me introduce myself

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Nathan Kaytar 1 week ago

Hey John welcome to Uptrennd!

Super excited you found your way heresmiley

I see you're also a crypto enthusiast yes you'll feel right at home here! 


Jon Bit 1 week ago

Thank you for the nice welcome, Crypto is life! :)

Daniel Staggs 1 week ago

Welcome Jon!
You have a great outlook on Uptrennd already which is great to see mate. We have a fair amount of traders on here at the moment & im also looking to learn more about this.

Where do you trade?
Do you have any experience on Bitmex?

Jon Bit 1 week ago

It seems that bitmex is restricting anyone from the USA from what I can tell. I've used bitfinex for a long time until they ban users from the USA, Binance, Bittrex, Cex, Poloniex, kraken, a lot of others, some I don't use anymore for one reason or another. Looking for that perfect decentralized place that you can simply trade with no personal information to be stolen.

Daniel Staggs 5 days ago

Well that sucks for Bitmex, they will loose out on a decent amount of users. I will try Bitmex soon when i feel I have learnt enough. When you find that platform be sure to let me know i would also like to use it. laugh 

Jan Borgers 1 week ago

Welcome Jon, nice to have u. This is a community and a platform oof friends. To help,to discuss to learn and share. Nice intro post. Makes everything more personally. I am Jan from Germany,Team Member and Moderator.

Jon Bit 1 week ago

Hello Jan nice to meet you and it's good to see we have people to keep this place clean and respectful, aweomse! Thank you for all you do for us here!

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

Welcome Jon! Great intro :) Hope you will find a lot of quality info and I am looking forward your future posts about your experience with crypto.

Jon Bit 1 week ago

Hey thank you Romana! My experience with crypto well one would be never leave your money on an exchange it was my first real lesson. I don't know if you guys remember MTGox, that was back some years ago.

Romana Grubesic 1 week ago

Uh,yes I remeber... Hope it was a peanut money...

Romana Grubesic  6 days ago

But look at the bright side! You are now here and you have a chance to recover a bit with posting :) maybe sharing your experience in a post would be good start, at least for all people who are entering this space, not to repeat your "mistake".

Luke Brenland 1 week ago

Hey Jon :) great to have you with us buddy smiley

I look forward to the crypto images smiley Your perspective is spot on, we are all pioneers for sure and its great to see so many share the same ideals about whats right and how people should be treated 

Jon Bit 1 week ago

Hey Luke how are you doing? This is the fun part, the wild wild west sort of speaking. I'm still learning about this place but it's good to see so many active mods! Keep up the good work.

Elena Demou 6 days ago

Hey there, welcome to Uptrennd! Glad to have you hear and I look forward to seeing more from you in the future! yes

Jon Bit 5 days ago

Thank you, Glad to be here :)

Martin Kiel 4 days ago

Welcome to the Uptrennd family :)

Jon Bit 4 days ago

Thank you this place is awesome!

Martin Kiel 4 days ago

Glad to hear you like it ! Let us know if you see anything that can be improved upon aswell 







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