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Let me go

Why do you annoy me so,

Don't you know,

That I will neither be your wife,

Nor your girlfriend,  

So why pretend?

I've never loved you,

I let you be my teacher,

Is that wrong? 

You silly creature!

My heart is not mine to give away,

It's will never be yours,

Let me clearly say.

It's been a while now,

You've been at my heel,

No matter what you do,

Love I'll never feel,

Leave me alone,

I am only his,

Bother me no more,

Just let me go.

Don't invade my space,

Please let me breathe,

Do it with grace,

And leave without a trace,

I don't need these tethers,

To bind me ever,

Erase me from your thoughts,

Let me go thither!

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23 Mar

Loving these deep poetic words. Don't know why there are sad vibes all around this beautiful relation 🙄 after all its poetry can be fiction. 


Sofs Su
23 Mar

Loves has two sides, if there is happiness there is bound to be sadness too. This is just a figment of my imagination.


Sofs Su
24 Mar

Welcome to Uptrennd. Posting comments like nice and meanless generalities that clearly show that you never read the content and is viewed strictly You will be down voted if you continue this trend. write meaningful posts and comments.


Joe Yenum
23 Mar

As endearing as persistence can be, it more often than not becomes annoying when it gets excessive.

Few things more annoying than being pursued by someone who you have no romantic feelings for.


Sofs Su
23 Mar

Hmm persistence where it is not wanted in a pain you know where. Love happens naturally, there is no stopping it when it happens.


23 Mar

This is such an amazing poetry, well I have always told people that, love comes naturally, we shouldn't force people or anyone to love us, true love always coms naturally


Sofs Su
24 Mar

Absolutely, love is a ntaural happening, it cannot be forced.


Asher Rasheed
23 Mar

Ooo sad lines depicting sadness...It is always good to pour own emotions into words...It let us to feel light.


Sofs Su
23 Mar

More like annoyance than sad. She just wants to the man to get the heck out of her life.


Starlight Impact
23 Mar

If you don't want someone to stay forget in your life, it is better you allow such person to go of the person want to instead of wasting their time. Nice poetry 


Sofs Su
23 Mar

Actually he is wasting his time when there is no interst from the other side.







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