These few days I spent a lot of time on twitter and also in front of my television trying to catch up with happenings in my country and around the world, I came to discover that there is just so much happening all around us. There is genocide, hunger, police brutality, poverty and just so much happening all around us. We are living in a very interesting time and how we choose to live determines how happy we will be with living.

This is the time to let love lead. Many of us find it difficult to love freely without reservations. Some of us feel love should be shown only to those who love us back and some feel that no one is deserving of our love. It shouldn't be so. Now is the time to let love lead. 

Love is what we need to empower and encourage ourselves. Love is what we need to fight all the evil and atrocities being melted out by those who are in authority. Love is all we need to shine light on darkness. Love is what will bring about justice and change, peace and unity.

There is no difference between you and I, it's same heart pumping same blood. Forget about the colour, race or religion. When love leads, we would never stray. When love leads, we would see the need to share everything together, forgive and accept one another.

Remember, love is all that matters; it matters afterall.



Laraib Iqbal
23 Oct

With the help of love we can achieve what we want and able to overcome all hurdles in our way.We can be in peace when love will prevail all around us and we also do love, care for each other.


Faryal Sehar
23 Oct

Love is a powerful feeling, it can change a stone into a soft form.

Love can solve all the issues. 

In Nigeria, circumstances are not appropriate, then the only force, is a force of love, if you treat with love each other, you can reduce the pain...


Rejoice Adegbe
23 Oct

Love is just what we need. Where there's love, there's joy, where there's love there's togetherness, where there's love, there's unity. We should learn to love ourselves. With love, we can all go through every ups and downs in life.


Official_omah _
23 Oct

Love is definitely the greatest emotion in human history. It has the capacity to give, protect and preserve life.

The recent happenings in Nigeria has send a clear message to the leaders that Nigerian Youths can no longer be subdued. We have shown we can hold the leaders accountable.

Kudos to the Nigerian Youths. Now is the time for PEACE&LOVE!

I join my sister @Zizy to preach LOVE.



Muhammad Ali
23 Oct

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either

Strong love unites each other

If there is a mukhib, then no one can separate it

Share the love, it will bring light to the world

And the darkness will end

And Islam is a religion that spreads hatred in the world


Innocent Rao
23 Oct

love is the most beautiful feeling of the world and when two people fell in the love and the love or on the lead then they they do not have any type of the afraid of the society and they can live enjoyable life.

Love give us a new life and we always enjoy that life.

Life give us a new hope of life and teach us to take care of each other

Always make love first periority


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