Let be SECURITY CONSCIOUS as festive period approaches


The festive season is fast approaching and lots of criminal activities are going on everywhere. I don't know what it's like in your environment, it is getting tough here in my part of Lagos.

Due to the Nigeria Police issues we had in October, they don't seem to bother about people's safety anymore and this has made people wake up to security matters. 

It is always a regular thing we see at the end of every year but it might get worse without a response from the police to some of these crimes we experience just because the festive season is here. 

Due to some duties at hand, I leave my home as early as 5 am -5:30 am but I can't lately due to security matters. There have been two heavy robberies in 11 days, there was no loss of lives but they went away with property worth millions. These guys break into stores and cart away with goods.

This morning, another one was caught because he couldn't catch up with his mate who left with the stuff they stole, and hopefully, he can lead us to the rest of the gang members. They broke into a boutique and didn't leave a pin, the Landlord got to know and came out in large numbers to catch them but only one was apprehended.

The rate of this will not reduce because there are people who have been lazy throughout the year but they want to spend large during the festive period, they will go at any length just to get this money.

I beg and urge everyone to be very careful as we go out and come in daily, always remember to commit our journey to the hands of almighty God because he is the greatest protector. 

No late night walks

Be observant, know what is going on around you.

Raise alarm of any suspicious movement quickly.

Don't move around with heavy cash.

Don't discuss money transactions on phone publicly.

Always tell your family about your whereabouts

Let ensure we are safe...



Tayyab Hasnain
16 Nov

Ooo ho..

I am sad to know the situation of Nigeria told by you that,

Police is no longer caring for masses..

You should take care of yourself..


Chidiebere Christian
16 Nov

Indeed the level of criminalities have surged due to passive response of the security agencies and more especially the get rich quick syndrome. We pray things fall in place oncemore


Fame Ojile
16 Nov

This is indeed a time we all have to be careful. 


Orji Favour
16 Nov

This issue of theft is becoming alarming, Lagos in particular.......... And is really heartbreaking,

God will continue to keep us safely..... 

After we survive this, we will come back for the police.

Imagine people we risked our lives for now turning thier backs on us.😩


Jessica Ossom
16 Nov

That is why we must make sure we commit our lives to God and renew the days with prayers. God will not let us be a victim.

I feel sad for those people who were robbed.. I pray God provides for them and those people shall not go unpunished.  

I just don't know why embers are tagged evil.

If there one thing we ought to know, it's making our family members know our whereabout when we are not in.







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