I've seen in many cases that children leave their parent due to someone who just came in their life. In majority cases, I've studied that a famous saying is said, 

"Leave your mother or me. You have to choose one" 

I'll go with the lady because of her I'm here writing this post. How can someone call you to leave your mother? Seriously? This is happening in this cruel world and I'm 100% sure if you've heard this sentence from your life partner please you're mistaken in choosing the right person. 


My mother is existence and she is everything to me and believe me, I've no specific mother day in my life because every day seems to be a mother day for me my religion teaches me a single smile towards your parents daily worth more than anything you do to accumulate good deeds. Then how can I think to leave her? How can I hear trash words for her from a person who just came in my life? 


Note: These are my views after observing a true story from my friend that this is happening in this cruel world. 

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ifeoma enudu
31 Oct

When you love someone, everything about that person including the not so good baggage must be of first priority to you.

Love can never be complete when we are selective,   when loving. 

If someone is cruel enough to tell you to leave your mother to be with him/her, that person is politely telling you to take a walk.

If  i am smart enough to see the signs on time, I will definitely take a smooth long walk from such a person.

Please, do tell your friend to  excuse himself from an impending danger ahead.


Oluwafemi Olofin
31 Oct

As a man it is necessary to leave your mother and stay with your wife but that does not mean that you should forsake her and never look at her side.

She has struggled to put you in that level you are now and she needs to eat the fruit of her labour.

Let's be matured and do things in a sensitive way. Take good care of them and always adore them because they are very important in one's life


preview not available Navi .
31 Oct

We majorly have Joint Family system here but when sons are asked to leave mother that's heartbreaking and those who ask to leave aren't considered to be called as your loved ones, Indeed they are most important part of our lives 


Asif shiro
01 Nov

you will only understand that only if you are muslim. mothers are considered the greatest women ever we value and cherish them and we will never abandon them under any circumstances


ÙrOoj Fatimà
31 Oct

There are a lot of people who leave their parents at the behest of others them out of the house. There are a lot of such cases happening in our country. We should not do this.  

 We should not leave our parents at the behest of anyone, nor should we be rude to them. We should respect and keep them happy.


Innocent Rao
31 Oct

Mother is the blessing of Allah and no one can take care like mother in the hole world..who always take care of his children and live his life  only for the future of his children. 

I can compromise and leave everything, everyone for my mother...mother is my ideal .

you are right everyday is the mother day and no need for specific day for mother..

always take care of your mother...


riffat wajid
31 Oct

agree with you..


Emmanuel Isang
31 Oct

Any lady that does this sound is a very wicked and cruel lady ......it's good as you haven't find the right partner... because a right partner can never thought of such.....and it's too bad ...... I can never leave my mom for any lady that makes this sounds...







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