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Does your kid struggle with studies in school?

Do they find it hard to comprehend a subject topic even after explaining over time?

Do you really think that ward of yours is dumb, lazy or slow in learning?

The truth is they are not dull or lazy, they are just having a trial time and require your help to pull through.

That kid of yours finding it tedious to keep up in class can't be regarded as a retard, an idiot or a moron as some do say, that's derogatory and offensive.

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It is true that no parents want to see their ward come behind in class. Parents wants the best for them, coming out in flying colors in exams but the bitter truth is, we all are not of same intelligent quotient.

Kids struggling with learning problem in form of acquisition, understanding, reasoning, verbal and non verbal communication are said to be having learning disabilities.

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Individual with learning disabilities are just as smart as everyone else, they just have a problem of exhibiting an average ability of reasoning and thinking. It is seen as a neurological disorder that affect how they receive and process information.

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It is important to note that learning disabilities affect:

  • Oral language of an individual such as listening and speaking.

  • Reading pattern: decoding information, phonetic, word recognition and comprehension.

  • Reasoning pattern such as spelling and writing problem. Perfect example is when you see some kid write letters upside down or mixing letters up.

  • Lastly is their Mathematical ability being affected.

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If you suspect your kid having any form of difficulty in reading , letter identification, writing and spelling error. Don't hesitate to seek support the sooner the better.

Types of learning disabilities.

There are broad spectrum of learning disorder, only can be categorized with respect to the signs arising. We will be discussing the common once. They are:

1. Dyslexia: A disorder that causes a person to have problem with reading, they find it hard to comprehend the relationship between letters and words generally affecting their vocabulary skills. 

2. Dyscalculia: A disorder that causes a person to have problem with numbers and calculations, arithmetic generally. Individual with math learning difficulty may have problem in telling time, counting and calculations.

3. Dysgraphia: A disorder arising as a result of a person having problem in writing, hand writing and organization problem. They find it hard to write from board consistently.

4. Dysphasia: A disorder that causes a person to lose the ability to spell.

A lots more other type of disorder mostly associated with the disorder caused.

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Of course there is no problem that comes without a cause, guess you must have been wondering what actually could be the cause.

Actually all causes of the disabilities can be traced to just three factors which are:

  • Hereditary factor: it could actually be hereditary, passed from parents to offsprings. So if either mom or dad are dumb, there are chances the kids end up with it also.

  • Environmental condition: It can be as a result of what a child is exposed to in his environment.

  • Malnutrition factor: Nourishment is also a factor, enough reason proper breast feeding is advised during the first two years of birth.

Learning disorder cannot be cured but managed.

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 Difficulty in studies doesn't always arise from learning disorder. So once we see any symptoms mentioned, let's take action on time. Visit a medical practitioner of this specialty either a neuro-psychologist or an educational or child psychiatrist.

Do well to report any suspected case on time .

Please do not delay in finding help.

A stitch in time they say, saves nine.

The earlier it's treated, the better the chances of the individual of reaching their full potential. 

​Learning disabilities is not a    stigma.   Act fast.

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Adams Toskid
25 Mar

Wow! This is a great job! Truly learning disability is a term used to describe a range of learning and thinking differences that can affect the way the brain takes in, uses, stores, and sends out information. 

Some children have specific learning disabilities but these tips, you have explained will solve more problems we have on learning. 

Good work!


Adetola Muheez
25 Mar

Thanks mate for the kind words

Glad you got the message..we shouldn't take this signs with levety, take action immediately.


Bright David
25 Mar

We see alot of children facing this problem all around. It is a menace affecting the ability of a child a learn faster. Am so glad you decided to tell us all we need to know about learning disabilities.... 

I believe this will help a lot of persons to find their way around it.... Thanks for sharing 


Adetola Muheez
25 Mar

Thanks mate .

I guess some don't know much, would end up beating the kid suffering from this and call them all sought of names.

I hope it gets to the right channel as serve as help to someone. Who knows

Nice to have you around


Dr.Jenny .
25 Mar

wow, Adetola you have just done great work each and every point is exactly cleared by you after reading your post nonother the questions can come into reader points...I think children face these types of the problem but parents and teacher are unaware of their issue

I am thinking you are giving us hard competition this time that's why you are creating these types of posts hehe...

but really appreciative work done by you really impressive

best of luck with the assignment...please don't take tension for us by creating this type of work hehe m joking...


Adetola Muheez
25 Mar

Lol.. doctor Jenny.

Thanks so much for the kind words..just doing my best, glad you got the message.

I know your assignment if coming hot with spice too.. fingers crossed

Have fun dear🙃


Dr.Jenny .
25 Mar

you forget to use #tag


Adetola Muheez
25 Mar

Oh . thank you so much.

Will do just that


Anthony Eri
25 Mar

Quality article! Getting to know about learning disabilities for the first time. The truth is all hands are not equal. A kid not performing well in school doesn't mean he or she is intelligent. Infact, not all kids are meant to go to college/University. That's why you see cases of kids dropping out of college and ending up becoming a billionaire. That's why it's very important to learn about your child quickly so when he or she is about finishing high school, you would be able to determine if college is truly for him or her.


Adetola Muheez
25 Mar

Very well..we all can't have equal quotient.

Knowing when to act when the sign of the disorder is at hand is key.

Thanks for the feed back..nice to have you around


Merit Ahama
25 Mar

Wow there is no better way to explain this than you've just done. 

Learning disabilities have become a norm without a solution to so many. But you have given good solutions to it and I hioe we all learn and make things right.

I haven't heard of those types of learning disabilities before, I am really glad to learn of them from you. It was as if I was in some medical class 😂

Well done @Adetola you did a great post pop, keep it up and all the best. 


Adetola Muheez
25 Mar

Thank you ma'am for the kind words.

Glad you picked the lessons, we live to learn, no one is an island of knowledge.

Good to have you around







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