Learn to Appreciate God.


A child needed some money to buy new clothes that he would be taking to school since he just got admission into the University.

His parents were into petty jobs, their income was very low but they kept working hard to provide everything their son needed.

On a fateful day, the father gave the boy half of what he requested, the boy was happy after getting the money. His mood changed immediately he counted the money and he said "Daddy, I requested $200, you gave me just $80 and you know it is far from $200.

He continued, where do you want me to get the remaining $120 from?. When you know you and Mom wouldn't provide for my needs, why didn't you just leave me in heaven?.

The father was lost in thought and tears began to drop from his eyes. He said, "Son, I took a loan to get you part of the money so that you can get some of the clothes now and get the rest later".

You have never for once appreciated anything we did for you as parents, instead you complain about everything.

At this point, you are old enough to cater for yourself. There are your mate out there who school and work at the same time.

From today onwards, we will leave you to survive on your own while we pay attention to your younger ones. We stop their education just to make sure you are comfortable.

The boy begged his father but it was too late...

Was the father wrong to have punished him? 

Before commenting read this...

Many of us are like the boy in the story who doesn't appreciate anything from God.

You prayed for a $10,000 salary job and got a $4,000 own, because of that you refuse to appreciate God. 

You wanted a mansion but you got a 3bedroom flat and you think God doesn't deserve to be worship.

You have forgotten that there is always a great reward for people who usually show appreciation to God.

Jeremiah 30 vs 19 says...

Out of them shall come songs of thanksgiving, and the voices of those who celebrate. I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will make them honored, and they shall not be small.

Let us learn to always appreciate God in every situation we find ourselves in because the reward behind appreciating God is huge.

God help us all, wishing you all a happy Sunday...

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RinNy Mboro

Even when we feel like what God gives us is small which is not so,we have to be sppreciating God all the days of our life

The boy was ungrateful and we should not be like the boy


Hameed khan

Almighty Allah does not need our prayer and appreciation.

Allah created us and created the whole universe is need of our appreciation. No it doesnot need of our appreciation.

But Allah has put us in exam of life and order us to offer prayer five time a day. We must need to pass in exam of life.

We must show love to Almighty Allah then Allah will show his mercey to us.


George Dee

I don't get your point.

Please where does 


Come from if God does not need our praises.


Hameed khan

We must appreciate Allah for ourselves not for Allah.

When we appreciate Allah in prayers he will be happy and his reward will be greater after death and before death.

Actually Allah does not need our appreciation . Allah can do any thing whatever Allah wants. Allah does not need of prayer or any Currency.

Okk if you want to understand in please message in inbox and bro donnot mind it.

We are all muslim brother. We must disscuss islamic issues. Allah will be happy at all


George Dee

ThAnks for shedding more light on this.


Top Np

We are learn from god. Always good thing and right way. God is everything gor us. You need believe to god.


Mariovic Idungafa

In every situation we find ourselves

We should always learn to appreciate God

Especially for wht he has been doing in our lives 

He is a wonderful God


Asmat Nawaz

Yeah you are right. I think we should thank God for everything. And i think we should not complain about things. 







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