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Space is completely empty, this is why it is called space and if considered, this idea proves to be wrong and that is why it is not correct to call it space, the correct word for it may be space.  However, there are two types of atmospheres, namely, the space of a celestial body like its own atmosphere and the space between the planets of a celestial body out of gravity, so using the same word space for these two spaces is likely to create ambiguity.  Yes, that's why space is a suitable term for space, both scientifically and literary.  Another important point is that it is necessary to use the word space because it uses the word space in English and many other terms related to the word space are used in making or adopting Urdu alternatives.  Difficulties may arise, therefore, the word space is appropriate in those compounds such as spacecraft, space flight, space research, space center, etc.  A study of the word vacuum reveals that it is an Arabic word and has the same meaning as the English word vacuum, however another Arabic word for vacuum can be used without hesitation, hence the word vacuum.  The use of for space cannot be a precursor to ambiguity.  Occasionally the word space is sometimes used for this purpose, such as aerospace, vector space, and sample space.

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