Lead wallet!!

What is lead??

Well this is a crypto wallet I stumbled into last year around nov. Since then, uptill now am very happy with the returns I got from my investments there!!

Lead wallet is a crypto currency wallet that allows you to securely store, spend and earn by holding your precious Coins and Tokens!

Lead wallet is just like Trust wallet, however it's better than it in my opinion.

After looking at the amazing features that Lead has, I am forced to chose it even though their project is still under development🔥

Why do you need Lead wallet ??

  1. For storing your Coins

  2. Direct NFT market access and storage.

  3. Prove of stake as a service, to provide Lead holders with passive income.

  4. Direct coin and fiat swaps just like Uniswap.

  5. Lead wallet also plans to serve as a launch pad for upcoming crypto projects🔥

This means that those who hold lead token get, early access to these projects and stand to earn massive profits inform of airdrops and market participation.

From time to time I will post exciting details about Lead wallet and it's native Token Lead🔥

Not a financial advice guys😎





Image is mine

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Balogun Godwin
02 Mar

Thanks for sharing this information. I will try to get some lead tokens too and store in the wallet. I hope it will grow like bitcoin and Ethereum.


Ifeanyi Obasi
02 Mar

Sure bro. Try it out I know you'll love. It


Mansoor Hayat
02 Mar

Thanks for sharing information about lead wallet . 

I will try it must. Hopefully it would be best.


awal ramlee
02 Mar

Ifeanyi Obasi, Thanks for the notes on Lead Wallet. Heard about it but not tried it. Next thing to look at, after this. Thanks again


Ifeanyi Obasi
02 Mar

Your welcome @Awal, do try the wallet, it's a great project...

Wallet is in beta mode though


Josemendez P.
02 Mar

Lead wallet is not just a wallet , it is an extraordinary one with extraordinary features . It is for those who wants to lead the world of cryptocurrency . 

Have stuck my bag and am now waiting for the raining days .


Ifeanyi Obasi
02 Mar

Sure!! Lead is more than just a wallet🔥

It's a gate way yo mass adoption and DEFI🚀🚀


Adeiyi Iyiola
02 Mar

Nice write up but to me I can’t choose Lead over Trust, As aforementioned, Lead is new and underdeveloped App while Trust has been in existence for years and be among one of the best leading wallet. The project may look good at the beginning but we can only say when it is fully Launched 


Ifeanyi Obasi
02 Mar

Well, the choice is yours, 

One thing is sure, when the wallet is fully released, you may reconsider 🤪


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