Lead Wallet

To whom it may concern

Lead Wallet is one of the easiest wallet which has been made very easy and clear for even fresh users to understand and access it.

Lead Wallet is one of the cryto wallet which I find very easy and reliable to depend on when it comes to transaction

Lead Wallet is one of the cryto wallet which is famous in the world and it's available for both PC, Android's and other mobile phones....

One of the major reason why I got Soo fascinated in Lead Wallet is that it secures and reduces the transaction Interest and fee 

I started using Lead Wallet without anyone lecturing or showing me how to access it, this is to show you how Lead Wallet is very simple to learn and use 

I highly recommend Lead Wallet to anyone who finds interest in any cryptocurrency transaction it's fast and reliable

No doubt....as you can reasons in my time of experience in Lead Wallet.

Lead Wallet is here for me and you




Jonathan Rojas
11 Nov

Thanks I was looking for this information, you have helped me to clarify doubts on the subject.


Muhammad Sajid
11 Nov

I don't know it will work for me or not. May be it's for Nigeria only. Anyway thanks for sharing your information about Lead wallet with us. 


Lead Wallet





Lead Wallet is the simplest decentralized multi-cryptocurrency wallet for different kinds of crypto related transactions. As a result, in order to encourage mass adoption and usage, Lead will ultimately be a platform that will be accessible to users worldwide via Apple and Android devices. This will enable users of Lead Wallet to store their cryptocurrencies while they control their private keys, exchange/swap, pay with cryptocurrencies for hundreds of utility bills, products and services without the need for fiat conversion. In order to actualize Lead’s vision, it starts with creating a secure bank-grade e-Wallet infrastructure that will host and accommodate multiple blockchain systems with the ability to store, send, receive, exchange/swap cryptocurrencies at any time.


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